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Let's All Spring Forward

Let's All Spring Forward by Rosalie Baker

Let's All Spring Forward by Rosalie Baker

These colorful, little guys are about ready to jump off this original pictorial quilt was design by Rosalie Baker of Davenport, IA.

To construct it she has used:

Hand applique
Hand dyed fabrics
Machine quilting

In her description for the for IQA "Celebrate Spring!" Contest and Show in Rosemont, Illinois this year, she wrote...

"The Red-eyed Tree Frogs come from the rain forests of Central America where Spring is eternal. They are definitely one of the more beautiful species of frogs. The red-eyed tree frog's image is often used to promote the cause of saving the world's rain forests."

This is a beautifully executed quilt with great attention to detail. I am so glad she graciously gave permission to display her quilt here.

But Rosalie does more than just animals. Check out...

"You Are My Sunshine", another of Rosalie's fine hand painted quilts, depicts her great-granddaughter amongst the sunflowers.

Beautiful work, Rosalie!

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