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Juki TL98Q

by Sheila M

I love this sewing machine!

I bought this to use for free-motion quilting. It has a large bed and large space to the right of the needle. It is a straight stitch only machine, with feed dogs that drop, and a button on the foot pedal that will cut the threads automatically. It has needle down. It is a large, heavy, strong sewing machine.

It sews a perfect straight stitch, and sews very very fast, but I can control it easily by remembering that I need to press only lightly on the foot pedal. If you are accustomed to most home sewing machines where you can floor it, don't floor the pedal on Juki!

I received quilting feet, an even-feed foot, and a set of basic feet with the machine. Since industrial feet will fit this machine, I have since purchased several extra feet for edge stitching and hemming, as they are very inexpensive from industrial sewing suppliers online. I also bought a 1/4 inch foot with a guide for piecing.

I find it easy to adjust tension and stitch length, and I have no trouble changing bobbins in the vertical bobbin case under the bed.

I have no complaints about the machine. It does what it is designed to do with no problems - it feeds the fabric well, makes regular well-formed stitches, and it seems to sew any fabric I put in it.

I have not used it on a quilting frame, though many people use it for that purpose.

I would recommend it for someone who wants a straight stitch sewing machine for quilting. (It will also sew blue jean hems without even pausing at the many-layered side seams.)

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