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Janome Memory Craft 9000

by D. Reed
(Muncie, IN)

Purchased in 2000 and used infrequently because I have another Elna SU.

In 2009, upon my retirement, it began to malfunction, in which case, I took it to the repair shop. I was told that it was one of the circuit boards which cost $500.00. The cost of all 4 new circuit boards would be $1500.00 which I cannot afford. I am very disappointed in the service and longevity of such an expensive toy.

My Elna SU is about 30 yrs old and never had any problems.

Note from the Editor: This has got to be so frustrating for you. To finally have the time to enjoy sewing and quilting, and then have the machine go KAPUT! like that. I know I had to replace a cracked foot pedal on my Viking Design I and it was over $100.

Have you written to Janome to see if they can offer some alternatives? Or maybe take the machine in in trade?

Readers, if you have experience with this machine you are invited to share them using the 'Comment' link found just below.

Thank you!


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Oct 16, 2023
Janine MC9000
by: Anonymous

Hello, I recently acquired a Janome MC9000. I know this probably has been spoken about many times before. I’ve been researching using MC8000 cards on the MC9000. And I've read different opinions if they are compatible. So far #2, #3, #9 are not compatible. But, can I use any other MC8000 cards on the MC9000?

Fyi, I love the machine and it works great.

Jun 21, 2023
Needle broke and now machine won't turn on.
by: Leeanne

Please Help!!! My mom was sewing with her MC9000 and it was working beautifully embroidering until the needle broke. She took the whole needle out and made sure nothing else broke. She cleaned it and put the machine back together. The machine not just makes a low humming noise when turned on and the touch screen is black. How can I fix this???

May 21, 2023
Memoryctaft 9000
by: Bzymom43

My dear Memory Craft 9000 is making a noise and doesn't work. The repair shop thought it was a stepper motor and parts are no longer available.

I'm looking for a replacement machine.

Are the attachments and accessories interchangeable with newer models? I have so many!

Mar 04, 2023
How to fix board
by: Anonymous

There is a fix for the board.

Hold the bottom 3 buttons with machine in Off. Hold them and turn the machine on. You will get a reading that says ‘touch mark’ keep touching the mark as it appears on-screen. Once it says it is fixed, turn the machine off and back on.

It should work. Worth a try.

Feb 25, 2023
memory craft 9000 memory cards wanted
by: Julie

I just got a memory craft Janome 9000 but no memory cards with it I’d like to purchase memory card alphabets and fonts
Specifically 101

Apr 18, 2022
Janine 9000
by: Anonymous

Bought mine when it first came out. Works beautifully. Use it all the time. Paid $4200. Never needed repairs.

I do maintenance once a year at Janome dealer. Have every memory card.

Apr 12, 2022
Memory cards for Janine 9000
by: Lee

I’d like to purchase memory card alphabets and fonts
Specifically 101

Mar 27, 2022
spare parts.
by: Anonymous

My machine also just went blank one day and didn't work anymore. I also have all the accessories for sale if anyone wants them.

Mar 09, 2022
by: Susan

I bought mine brand new. Purchased 11/02/1998! Still have the original receipt! She is still going after 23 years!! I paid $ 2668.00 including tax!
Once while at a dealer for routine service I asked if keeping this machine was in my best interest? I was told that even though the embroidery is out dated the machine is a very well built machine when it comes to sewing! They suggested keeping it as my main sewing machine and update the embroidery with a newer machine!!
She has never failed me!

Mar 05, 2022
by: Amy

Hello, I recently purchased a brand new Janome MC 9000 but wanted to see if anyone has any cards or accessories for it? Let me know what and how much? I can be reached at
I have everything that came with it when originally sold with 2 cards.
Thank you

Dec 10, 2021


Mar 30, 2021
Memory cards
by: Lory

I just received a MC 9000. I guess I need some cards. Where can I get them?

Feb 20, 2021
Janome 9000
by: Anonymous

I have had my Janome for over 10 years. Sews like a dream. I found my cards on eBay some reasonable, some Christmas cards more. But well worth it.

Jan 20, 2021
Bought Used - Love it
by: Lora

I bought the whole "stash" of supplies from a seamstress, including 3 Janome machines.

The MC 9000 works great (what I expected). In one piece of the old literature that came with the "stash", I found the original receipt for the MC9000 purchased in 1995 - $3039.00 -- just for the machine. Yes, now is it worth less, but it sews beautifully, the built-in decorative stitches function and the memory card for the embroidery works perfectly.

I absolutely love it.

This was an upgrade from a Kenmore 36 -circa 1978.

From the Editor: So very happy for you that you found TREASURE!!!

Happy Quilting!


Dec 08, 2020
Original price
by: Aline

I bought my 9000 in Golden B C and paid $1250.83.

Nov 10, 2020
Original price of MC 9000
by: Anonymous

My mom lost her MC 9000 in a house fire and to be properly reimbursed from the insurance company she needs to know the original cost of the MC 9000. Does anyone remember what they paid for this machine (new)?

Oct 10, 2020
MC memory card #101
by: Cc

Hello. I've just bought a Janome mc9000. It has come without Memory card #101. Does anyone have one I can buy or can direct me to the right place to buy one please.

Aug 10, 2020
memory craft 9000
by: Anonymous

I haven't used the knee press and I tried putting it in the hole and it doesn't lift the foot. What am I doing wrong?

Aug 09, 2020
MC9000 machine
by: Chris Wilson

Had my MC9000 for 25 years still going strong, just wish there were more embroidery cards to go with it.

Apr 01, 2019
Janome Memory Craft 9000
by: Mark

I have the MC 9000 and it is by far THE best machine I have out of 15! Everything works so beautifully I have no complaints.

The embroidery is limited because of the technology but I'm not into a lot of embroidery anyway. I monogram towels and maybe some pillowcases or something. But even with the software and scanner, I'm just not that interested in scanning and all that.

As far as sewing and quilting, I love this machine.

The knee lift is great. I have a bunch of memory cards for stitches and embroidery. I would definitely buy one for a backup machine. I use mine hardcore and I am so happy with it.

So smooth and very easy to use.

Even free motion quilting is great.

Feb 23, 2019
Amazing machine
by: Anonymous

I traded my MC8000 for the MC9000 when it came out 25+ years ago. The MC9000 is still going strong. Great machine, smooth sewing, no problems.

Feb 18, 2019
Just bought and not tried out yet
by: Anonymous

I read and ask all questions before I sit down to it. I’m a quilter and have a long arm for the quilting part. How is the best way to get 1/4 inch sewing on this machine

Nov 24, 2018
Janine lover
by: Grandma Deb

I bought the MC9000 as a back up the machine for my 9900 when my MC8000 finally died.

I don't expect it to last a long time, I bought it along with a Viking and a serger for $500 at an estate sale. She also threw in several other goodies from the sewing room, memory cards, scan n sew, threads and rolls of stabilizer.

It's a good machine, but it is a 30-year-old machine.

From the Editor: Sounds like you made a good bargain! There's a lot to be said for an older machine...a lot less to break.

Happy Quilting!


Apr 12, 2018
Older Computerized Machine that Will fail at some point
by: Joyce

I purchased this machine for 400 dollars at a dealer to use while I was in Florida. I used it only for 4 to 6 months a year until this year 2018.

The one motherboard went on it.

These things happen with computerized machines. I was told by a Bernina dealer that they usually start failing around the 10th year in most brands of machines. I have decided not to fix it. It still can sew but will often continue the sewing motion after I stop sewing. This machine was made in the 1990s and you need to think long and hard before buying one at anything but a very bottom price.

The embroidery portion of the machine is so outdated it should not be factored into the price.

Sep 03, 2012
Janome MC9000
by: Anonymous

My Janome MC 9000 is the best machine EVER! The smoothness of the stitches and ease of use cannot be beat by any of other machine. I have looked to upgrade and even test drove many other machines. No Can Do, none of them can even compare. If you get the chance to get one GET IT.

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