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Janome Memory Craft Horizon 7700 QCP

by Lisa
(Keewatin ON Canada)

Janome Memory Craft Horizon 7700 QCP

Janome Memory Craft Horizon 7700 QCP

I love my new Janome Memory Craft Horizon 7700 sewing machine.

I have had a Bernina 801 Sport for the past 25 years and loved it. However, I required a bigger machine and more stitches. After much investigation, I went to the City of Winnipeg, MB, and tried out a few different machines.

I fell in love with the Janome 7700 very quickly, I found it very user friendly and like all the options that came with the sale. It comes with 15 different feet, including a 1/4 inch foot. I have had it at home for approximately 2 months and have made 5 quilt tops with it.

It is very easy to maintain. I clean after every second bobbin, which is sometimes more than 2 times per day. The user book is straightforward to understand, and so is the monitor on the machine.

I just love it, everyone should try one out!

Lisa Kruz

Editor's Note:

Hi, Lisa! I'm glad you're happy with your new Janome. Even though it's common to trade up more frequently these days (those manufacturers sure know how to tempt us!), a sewing machine is still one heck of a big purchase. Your satisfaction is important. I'm glad you love it!

The computerized Janome Horizon 7700 is based on the 'best-of' features from the popular 6600P model.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this sewing machine, I've listed many of its quilter-friendly features below:
  • 11 inches of workspace under the arm - This is fabulous! the 6600P has 9 inches.

  • 5 LED lights in three different locations along the machine head means less eyestrain

  • AccuFeed System - operates like a built in walking foot

  • Maximum 1000 stitches/minute on a straight stitch setting with the foot control, maximum 700 stitches/minute with the Stop/Start button

  • Superior Plus Feed System

  • Automatic Plate Converter (APC) - you select one of three straight stitches and the machine converts the installed need to purchase or go looking for a separate plate

  • Thread Cutter

  • Needle Up/Needle Down with the push of a button

  • Acrylic Sewing Machine Extension Table included, 16-1/2 x 24 inches, this is a sturdy one

  • Presser Foot pressure control with 7 settings

  • Adjustable knee lift (hands free) to raise the presser foot

  • Needle threader

  • Variable speed control

  • Programmable lock or fix stitch

  • LCD Touchscreen and stylus for programming/choosing stitches

  • 250 built-in stitches - let's face it, we quilters don't usually need so many stitches, but they're fun to have and are included

  • Presser feet of particular interest to quilters include:
    • 1/4 Inch seam foot
    • Open Toe Satin Stitch foot
    • Dual Feed foot
    • Satin Stitch Foot
That is quite an impressive list of features!

Just compare it with our features-recommendations on our page, "The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting is...".

You can add your thoughts on the best features to have on a sewing machine by participating in our 'Sewing Machine Survey' found near the bottom of that page. We value your opinions and hope you will share yours!

If you have your own experiences with the Janome Memory Craft Horizon 7700, please add them with the 'comment' link below, or write your very own review. We appreciate that you take your own valuable time to help out your fellow quilters!


Julie Baird

Comments for Janome Memory Craft Horizon 7700 QCP

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Sep 04, 2020
Thread Cutter and Feeddogs
by: Maralyn Luke

I have had my 7700 for 9 years. Most days I love it, but there have been times when I was ready to trade it on something other than a Janome. I also had problems with the feed dogs not going over 2 seams. Asked my dealer to raise the dog feeds, and we are good now.

From day one, was having problems with the thread wadding on the back of the fabric. Most frustrating when you are piecing and the seam isn’t straight due to the extra thread. Joined Janome Classroom someone else was having the same problem, people made several solutions, I tried them all and the one that worked for me was not to use the thread cutter. The thread cutter does not leave long enough thread length, consequently, when you start to sew, I believe the top thread pulls the short bobbin thread up and causes it to create a knot. Not sure if this makes sense, but I do know, I have no more thread wadding on the back of my fabric since I stopped using the thread cutter.

It is a shame you can’t use one of the special features, because it causes another problem.

From the Editor: Maralyn, I'm so glad you found a solution to your thread bunching problem. It sucks when the machine we hoped would be the answer to our prayers isn't cooperating.

I love the automatic thread cutter, especially when I'm working on paper piecing—unfortunately I do have to go back in and trim those thread tails even with the seam. :(

Here's to more enjoyable stitching!


Julie Baird

May 08, 2020
Disappointed in 7700 Janome
by: Shirley

Machine gets stuck stitching over seam and changing the pressure doesn't have any affect. Machine doesn't see at all if walking foot isn't engaged,fabric won't move at all.
I have five Janome machines so wonder why these issues haven't been solved

Feb 28, 2018
I got a lemon
by: Anonymous

Bought my 7700 when they first came out. The first year it was in the shop more than at home.

They told me I didn’t know how to sew. They would have me test it on a piece of fabric. Yes it sewed, but two placemats later problems.

I spend more time rewinding bobbins, rethreading, new needles, etc. nothing works.

Take it in. Bring home and two placemats later up to same antics. This last time they put in new bobbin carrier and the plate under that.

Yep two placemats later same old crap.

Going to wait until can take out of state and see if someone else can look at it, but I’ll never buy Janome again.

Wish I had my old Viking I had for 35 years. Only had problems with it twice in 35 years. Took in and came back like new.

Had heard good things about Janome but guess I got the true lemon.

Feb 18, 2018
problem with E-1 error code
by: Anonymous

I inherited my Janome 7700 from a friend. I know she had some problems with it (feed dogs and error codes).

Sadly, I have the same issues with it. Pulling my hair out some days as I get it serviced, bring it home, use it. Shut down for the day, go to use the next day and have an E-1 error code. I would not recommend this machine. EVER

Oct 27, 2017
Love it when it works
by: Denise

I have owned my 7700 for 6 years and love it.

I've had to replace the feed dogs once because one of the front feet broke off, and the little converter plate doesn't move all the way up rendering it unusable, and just yesterday it decided to commit suicide. I was quilting away and it started smoking-the main mother board fried itself to the tune of a $500 repair bill.

As much as I love the machine it really should last longer than 6 years.

Do I repair it, trade it in, or move to another brand-not sure what to do now.

Now I am sad...

From the Editor: I feel your pain. The motherboard failed on my beloved Designer I. It's taken me over a year to bring it up from the basement to dispose of in the garbage. Still not out to the curb. I expect it'll take another year to get that far.

At 18 years old, if I fixed the motherboard to the tune of $800 and an unknown wait time, it'd be worth less than what I could sell or trade it in for. And still be 18 years old. Very sad.

~ Julie Baird

May 16, 2012
Stalls on seams
by: Kathy B

I bought my Horizon 7700 a year ago at Dallas Quilt show. It has been an expensive disappointment.

The feed dogs seem to catch many of the seams, both when piecing and machine quilting. I am continually stopping, lifting up the fabric before continuing. It also occasionally clunks when slowing down. The clunk doesn't seem to affect the stitches though. When you first turn it on it sometimes gives an error that I have trouble getting rid of.

Mar 07, 2012
Janome 7700
by: ellenk

I have had my Janome 7700 for less than a year and would not swap if for any other machine. Unlike Bernina, it does not need to be oiled and I use it every day.

I looked at the new 1200 model and decided not to buy it. The Janome 350E computerized embroidery machine does most of what the 1200 does and would be a perfect companion for the 7700 giving me the best of both worlds (you can download patterns from the internet onto the 350E). Roll on October - my birthday - guess what I'm getting as a present!

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Janome 7700

by Robin
(South Carolina)

I love my machine. I bought it essentially for the larger quilting area and have quilted 2 queen and 1 king on it.

It does take patience but I've had it 2 years now and feel i made a good choice.


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Jul 28, 2020
by: Debbie Hutchison

I have had my 7700 for about 7 years. I absolutely love it. Best machine I've ever had.

In the past, I've had Kenmore Singer and Bernina.

This one is quiet. Have had regular maintenance done qx yearly with no issues at all. Sews smooth both clothing and quilts.

I also have smaller Janome DC1050 for travel. It is great too just not all the same features.

I will definitely buy Janome again.

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Janome Horizon 7700

I do love my machine and I would recommend it to any friend.

I bought a new model that was just on the market and a few tidbits have been ironed out on the newest production, but I am completely satisfied with no plans to change. I do wish the machine offered a stitch like Bernina does, called the serpentine stitch, because I love how it looks used in machine quilting.

The machine never needs tension adjustments with the various threads I use to FMQ, although I have not gotten into artistic quilts and the threads often used with them. I absolutely love the scissors option that cuts the thread and I love the knee lift, would be lost without them. It is a quiet machine, although I have not compared it to others on the market. It makes lovely buttonholes and has numerous styles of them.

Well, the main reason I was sold on this machine over Bernina or Babylock was the large throat and I will say it is fantastic!!

I did take the class offered to learn to operate the machine and the store owner gave it in three sessions. It was extremely helpful. She had us put together a three ring binder of all our samples of stitches we learned and other info. I have referred to it several times. I would not buy a new machine if I could not take learning classes.

The service on the machine is excellent.
Really, no big surprises, not a blast on a new machine that does free motion quilting like a dream.

Comments for Janome Horizon 7700

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Jun 10, 2021
Janome Horizon 7700qpc
by: Dianne

I have had this machine for about 9 years. I was not happy with the stitch quality.

The ladies at the shop where I bought it told me that this machine works better with Organ needles instead of Schmetz.

They are right.

No problem since I changed to Organ.

This machine is very picky. Also is affected by even a small amount of lint in the bobbin case. Other than that it works beautifully.

My little Janome Blue Couture that I take to classes works fine with Schmetz.

From the Editor: Thank you so much for sharing this information, Dianne. I've bolded it in your note above so that it sticks out for our readers.

Grateful to you!


Julie Baird
Generations Quilt Patterns

Aug 05, 2014
Janome Horizon 7700
by: Elaine DeFoor

I have had this machine for a year and would highly recommend it.

I bought it primarily for the large throat and I wanted to get more involved with free-motion quilting. Living in a condo is an issue and so no room for a long arm. I have done several quilts and other sewing projects as well.

This machine is amazing and you would be able to do any kind of sewing on it. It is my go-to machine now.

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