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Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond

by Joan
(Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

I bought my machine when it first came out - the Red Deer dealer who subsequently closed - leaving all her many customers who bought expensive machines stranded. The nearest dealer now is in Stettler - a long drive!

I am very happy with my Diamond - it has done miles of sewing and embroidery - until about nine months ago when something inside "fell off"! I do not know the name of the part but I was able to get it fixed by a local sewing machine repairer. That lasted for about four months then same thing happened - same "fixit" - I was told that a new part was on "back order". Last week same thing happened - I was two colours away from comleting embroidering a large panel when - whoops - there it went again.

Went to Mr. Fixit who said the part was still "back ordered! Nine months?

It seems that spare parts are difficult to get hold of from Husqvarna - this my only grumble.

I am considering trading it in for the newest model but I would be sorry to see it go - it has served me well.

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Oct 18, 2020
Reply for a Dream-Miracler
by: Lou

Hello Julie,

Oh to Dream of a Miracle mechanical machine with a choice of features !!

You got it right !!


PS those slots above won't let me correct typing mistakes, sorry.

From Julie No problem, Lou, a lot of readers are on a smartphone so I try to go look for stuff before I publish. ;) I've got bumble-thumbs!

I'd been so deflated when I was shopping for my Juki. The pivot thingy, where the foot lifts up a bit so you can slide the next patch in is a MUST for me. A huge time saver. But I couldn't get that OR the 1/4" foot I wanted unless there was a computer in the machine. It was a bummer. But I've bonded with the machine so at least all ended up good in the end! :D

~ Julie

Oct 17, 2020
My Viking history
by: Lou

My first electronic sewing machine was a Viking and it gave me perfect service for 27 years until the "motherboard" gave out. None could be obtained due to the age of the machine.

So, of course, I bought another one...bad decisions... trouble all the way. But eventually bought a Platinum from a neighbor who had decided to stop sewing.

Now after 5 good years, the tension mechanism has gone bad. Spent money to have it fixed and it is still doing the same thing. I will never buy another Viking!!

I bought a small mechanical Baby Lock and it is doing a great job. I miss the bells and whistles and maybe I can graduate to a bigger one someday.

I am so disappointed with the companies who bought up the sewing machine companies with almost no thought of stocking enough parts for those of us who love our older machines.

From the Editor: I hear you, Lou! I guess there's just not enough money in parts for those who bought the companies and look at them only as a return on investment, instead of someone who has a passion for the craft, too, and actually gives a damn about quality.

I've been happy with the Juki I bought, but wish I'd purchased a few of the 'bells and whistles'. They speed up my stitching.

Oh for a mechanical model without a computer in it that has the features that I need.



Oct 16, 2020
Designer Diamond Royale issues
by: Pat Eldredge

My Designer Diamond Royale has been in the shop since 8/27/2020. The machine is 5 years old and I have had numerous issues since I purchased it new from a local dealer.

The dealer is telling me they are having problems getting parts due to the COVID 19 virus. This is my 4th Viking machine and I must say it will be my last. The quality isn’t there anymore. Right now I just want to get it fixed so that I can sell it and move on.

Has anybody else had this problem?

If so what did you do?

Nov 28, 2016
Husqvarna sewing maching & Pfaff
by: Evelin


I have 2 Pfaff sewing machines one of which is an embroidery and quilting machine and the other a normal domestic sewing machine and a Husqvarna which I have had had for 35 years.

The Husqvarna still sews beautifully but it is a lot noisier. I am going to take it to our coast house so I can use it for my quilting.

The 2 Pfaff machines I have I just love though my embroidery machine is only 3 years old and I should find time to sew on it as it is just collecting dust at the moment.

Aug 13, 2016
New machines
by: Margiemac

I felt bad because I could not afford one of the new expensive machines as I had many years ago. I now have a Brother and a Singer (both embroider) which work fine.

My Singer was bought in 1998 to make Bridesmaids dresses.

I also bought a Janome Silver anniversary to take to meetings.

Jul 24, 2016
D 1
by: Anonymous

I bought mine 2001 and 2 yrs ago the back stitch stopped. $800.00 to fix the mother board also. So thinking something else might go , I did not replace it. I use it without back stitch
But so happy I read all these notes. Won't get another if China is making them.

Jul 16, 2016
sad experience with Vikings
by: Marta

I bought a Viking and for 27 years it behaved perfectly. Then the motherboard went motherboards made anymore for that machine.

Finally I bought a new Viking for as much as we could afford at the time. After several months and repairs, even the dealer said it was a lemon.

The regional rep. got involved and got me a new one. That lasted a few months. It has been in 2 shops over 3 years exactly 6 times. Always same problem. When it worked, the results were wonderful.

We have to drive long distances to get to the shops. Altogether we have spent repairs and travel almost as much as the machine's original cost. And now it sits...I am broken hearted over this experience.

My first one needs a motherboard and the newer one needs ICU. We are retired and on limited budget and cannot afford another new machine. An upholstery lady gave me an old mechanical Brother she couldn't use. It works and I bought a new walking foot for it and have made several quilts with it. I do miss the assortment of stitches on newer machines.

I learned something during all this. Local dealers have to purchase the Viking items from the company to sell in their shops. A Viking presence in a JoAnn store, for example, represents the company itself. They sent my machine to their repair shop 3 times (of the 6 efforts) and yet it broke again in short time.

After the first lemon experience, I hesitated to pitch another hissy fit with the head office in Tennessee. It is so disappointing to have these 2 machines sitting here and can't be used or sold with a clear conscience.

My fellow quilters love their other brands. Only one other lady out of 43 of us has a Viking.

Jun 28, 2016
by: Mrs. Amir

After reading the comments on the newer, more modern, more computerized, more technical and more problem Husqvarna machines, I may keep my ten-year-old Husquvarna...the one you put discs in, the one Husquvarna stopped producing, the one made in Sweden, the one that in ten years the only problem is the threader works only sometimes....and the one that still operates like it did ten years ago (except for the threader).

Why did Viking stop making it?

Maybe because it keeps operating and no need to buy a new one...All my quilting friends have multiple sewing machines to allow for no downtime. I have multiple machines (heirlooms from my mother and grandmother) but have never used them.

For those of you with problems, invest in an inexpensive machine for a down time!

From the Editor: Unfortunately I'm coming to the same conclusion, Mrs. Amir.

My Viking D1 that I bought in 2001 stopped working. It's the motherboard. Probably and $800 repair on a machine that I can't sell for $800. Since it's 15 years old, there's no guarantee that something else won't go on it.

If Juki comes out with the kind of quarter inch foot that I like (the one with a flange on the right-hand side) I'm going back to a simpler more mechanical machine. It's sad.

~ Julie Baird

Jun 16, 2016
Parts for H V Designer Diamond
by: Linda Payton, Houston,TX

Maybe this will help. I bought a Husqvarna Viking
Opal 670, that was on sale on ETSY The seller said it was new and she had bought it as a gift and giftee refused it.

Anyway when I got it, it worked fine but the cord for the foot pedal was missing so I went to a local dealer here in Houston, TX to order one.

Weeks went by and I couldn't use my machine and I was in the middle of a quilt.

Finally after searching the Web, I found a source online to buy the part and it came in about a week.

The name of the website is:

They are located in the state of Tennessee, USA
Surely you can find help there.

Jun 07, 2016
Viking Quilt Designer II ;-(
by: Anonymous

Bought a QDII a few years ago from an unscrupulous dealer in Tavares, FL. who knew the company was going to discontinue that model, but chose not to tell me.

Nevertheless, I've used the machine continuously until the Utility Stitch-D card (straight and zig zag stitches) failed. Tried everything I could think of to find a new one. Viking Husqvarna apparently does not produce the Stitch-D cards any longer and apparently they do not read or answer e-mails asking for help, either.

Luckily, a local dealer's fix-it man had one stashed away and I was able to purchase it, but if it fails, the machine is almost useless. This machine does not even come close to matching my 1960 model Bernina, which I paid $100 for third-hand.

I would never, EVER recommend a Viking. Their customer service is atrocious to non-existent!

Friends have Janomes and Brothers and love them. Wish I'd had those friends back then.

May 24, 2016
Husqvarna sewing machine
by: Anonymous

Had a Husqvqarna Ruby Royale, worked great for about 5 months and then I was sewing away one day and the needle fell out and would not go back in no matter what I did.

Took it to the dealer and the black part that the needle slides into was replaced. Worked great for about 6 months then same thing happened. Back to the dealer and was told part on back order!

Finally got the machine back and was told that it had been shipped from the factory with the wrong screw to hold the needle in which resulted in the needle being lose and causing wear on the the part the needle slides into. So much for quality control! Totally frustrated so sold the machine and took a big loss!

Bought a Brother sewing/quilting machine and Brother embroidery only machine and have never looked back.

Since Husqvarna has moved production to China quality has suffered greatly and I have noticed many dealerships have closed.

Would never recommend Husqvarna to anyone.

May 23, 2016
Don't like the Diamond
by: Grandma K

All of Viking, Phaff, Bernina, etc. are now made in Asia. I've researched to find that even the most expensive brand of sewing machine (can't remember the name), while assembled in Belgium has parts made in Asia (and that was that company's most expensive at $16,000; all of its other machines were completely made in Asia).

I purchased a new Designer Diamond Deluxe when they first came out directly from Viking (they have direct dealerships in some of Jo-Anne stores, which is 100+ miles rd. trip).

When I got home the presser foot would not go down, drove back, they gave me a loaner. a Designer Ruby as a loaner to use, problems with that, also. Gave me my Designer Diamond Deluxe, when I used it at home the screen when yellow. Was told it was a bad mother board, asked for a refund and rec'd it. ($8,500 with accessories)

Went out and purchased two used Designer SE machines(one from a dealer, one from a private party. I pay for the full-service every year on both machines - I'VE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEM, BECAUSE THEY WERE MADE IN SWEDEN.

Even Viking's tech support, when I told him my story, said, "Ah, yes! The Designer SE, such a great machine, we never had a problem with that model!"

May 16, 2016
Back ordered parts
by: Jo Goranson (The Thread Lady)

Husqvarna Viking used to make great sewing machines.

But something has happened in the sewing machine business that most customers don't realize. There are now very few companies selling machines because many have been bought by another company.

The problem is that the new company continues to sell machines with the other companies name, not it's own. So, many of the parts for the machines are no longer made because the company that made them no longer exists and the company that bought them doesn't make parts for them. It's very confusing for the customer as well as the dealers.

I know that Janome has bought out Elna but I have no idea who now owns Husqvarna Viking.

Luckily I own only Janome machines and have for years. My dealer used to sell Husqvarna Viking but I don't know if he still does. I live in Arizona in the winter and my dealer is back home in Minnesota. I'll be back there next week for the summer and will check with him to find out if he can still get parts.

He's the grandson of the original owner of the store and they've been in business for over 65 years so he knows what's going on in the business.

I'll update you when I find out more information.

From the Editor: Thanks for that, Jo. Are you talking about David? If so, he and his father were always the best and Mom was a loyal customer.

I'm anxious to hear his thoughts!

I recently lost the motherboard on my D1... :( ...and probably won't get it fixed. About $800 to fix it and there's no guarantee that something else won't go wrong. Had it since 2000.

~ Julie

May 15, 2016
Husqvarna Viking
by: Elaine DeFoor

I had one and the dealer I purchased it from said he no longer carried that brand for the very reasons you are saying.

About 4 yrs ago I purchased a Janome Horizon and love it. I only do large quilts and free-motion quilting on it but I believe you could do any kind of sewing. I don't think you can do embroidery with it.

I would research other brands and stay away from Viking.

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