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How do I make a colorway Irish Chain quilt

Barbara writes...

I noticed the above quilt in a quilt store in Myrtle Beach and was directed to your website for directions.

I am a beginner quilter (as well as being technologically challenged) and am having difficulty finding the directions needed for the quilt.

I am not sure how to do the cutting and placement using the Artisan Spirit Shimmer material or pre-cuts.

Would you direct me to the proper area?

Thank you,


Julie replies...

I'm sorry Barbara, but without a picture to go by I'm stuck for a good reply.

I do have ideas for how to layout Irish Chain quilt designs. You'll find the links to them from Quilt Design 101.

Single, double and triple Irish chains all have their own design page. Just click on the image to go to the design page.

If you do not have a photo, perhaps one of the designs on those pages will appeal to you.

There are block instructions for a Double Irish Chain variation here.

Currently, I do not have full size patterns available on the website, but I'll help you as much as I can...I just need more information starting with a picture. It will tell me how many fabrics and the type of Irish chain you are looking for.

To compute yardage we'll need to know the finished size of the quilt and also the size of cut strips you prefer to work...cut size...the finished size is a 1/2" smaller.

I hope this is a start to your goal.


Julie Baird

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