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Grandmother's Fan Quilt

by Darlene
(Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada)

My Grandmother's Fan Quilt<br><br>

My Grandmother's Fan Quilt

I made this quilt for my daughter. I started it in Oak Island, North Carolina and finished in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

A note from the Editor

Grandmother's Fan quilt block
Darlene, your quilt is simply beautiful. The fabric pull is just stunning. Your daughter is a lucky girl!

To our readers, Darlene's quilt is made from Grandmother's Fan quilt blocks that have 8 blades.

I've taken the liberty of putting this single block pattern into Electric Quilt. Flipped and rotated the blocks to illustrate the final layout shown just below.

One traditional quilt block plus a complimentary color palette equals one stunning quilt!

Grandmother's Fan quilt pattern

Again, Darlene, just a beautiful quilt.


Julie Baird

Comments for Grandmother's Fan Quilt

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Sep 22, 2019
Grandmothers fan curved piecing
by: Wanda

I would like a curved template for a grandmothers fan to eliminate the appliqué process. I am thinking 12-1/2 or 15-1/2

Thank you.

From the Editor:

Hi Wanda.

Quick questions for you...
  1. You'll be cutting with the templates and then piecing? Or will you be paper piecing the fan blades and then piecing the curves in? One would have seam allowances and be separated, the other would be separated into three sections.

  2. If the fan blades are paper pieced, for blocks that finish 12" or 15", the paper will need to be taped together before stitching. Are you ok with that?

    Since paper is 8-1/2" x 11", an 8" finished block is as big as I can draft and not involve any taping.

  3. And finally, how many blades would you like in your fan?

Let me know here.


Julie Baird

Sep 16, 2019
How to hand quilt
by: Anonymous

We have this to hand quilt at our Church. Do you have a suggestion on how to hand quilt it? Would appreciate your help.

Jul 26, 2016
Grandmother's fan block
by: Merrilee Jung

Do you happen to have a paper piecing pattern for the Grandmother's fan block?

Thank you,

Merrilee Jung

From the Editor: Hi Merrilee!

At present I do not have one on the site; however, this is the second request here.

What size were you looking for?

Remember that while you can paperpiece the 'blades' of the fan, the corner quarter circle will need to be appliqued—either by hand or by machine.

Just reply to this comment to let me know.


Julie Baird

Jan 28, 2015
foundatin paper pieced block
by: Sally

I am looking for a foundation paper piecing of this block. I have a quilt made circa 1890's made by great grandmother and wish to duplicate it using reproduction fabrics.

I have found lots of pictures and I have the templates, but I would love to make it via foundation paper piecing.


From the Editor: Hi Sally!

Yours is the first of two requests for this. (See my response to the above inquiry.) What size are you looking for?

Reply to this comment to let me know.


Julie Baird

Aug 22, 2012
I really like this one!
by: Betty Smith

This will have to go on my "to do" quilt list! I think maybe it will help me use up a lot of my fabric stash. Have a lot of blues that would be SO pretty in this pattern. Thanks! Betty

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