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Ghost of the Quilt Walker

by Claudia
(Panguitch, Utah)

I am the chairman of the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival in Panguitch Utah.

This quilt has been running through my mind for 13 years now and I just finished it for this years festival that was held June 9-12. It is based on the diaries of the 7 men who saved the town from starvation.

In 1864, the winter was long and the families were running out of food. Seven men volunteered to walk to Parowan 40 miles a way. They took a team of oxen and a wagon and made it 10 miles out of town. The snow was too deep and they couldn't go any further. They spread a quilt out and knealt in prayer for guidance. When they were finished they noticed that they hadn't sank in the snow. So they took their quilts and when the snow was too deep they walked on them. They completed the remaining 30 miles and the 40 miles back this same way.

So we started a festival the 2nd weekend in June to honor these men. We are having a statue done to commemorate this wonderful event. So this year I decided I better get my quilt done. It turned out wonderful and I love it!

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May 05, 2012
A beautiful tribute!
by: Patricia

Today I attended our DUP camp meeting. Our lesson on quilts mentioned the Panquitch Quilt Walkers. It was inspiring. It is wonderful that you pay tribute to those men and their families.

Sep 28, 2011
Love this...
by: Gramdee

I really enjoyed the story behind your quilt and you did a fantastic job telling it in fabric. As a quilter, I'm fascinated by this piece of history.
Thanks for sharing.

Aug 31, 2011
recent visit
by: Judy

Two weeks ago we were in Panguitch and by chance saw the statue of the Quiltwalker as we came into town. Stopped and walked through the memorial. Fabulous! What a beautiful tribute!

Jul 15, 2011
Honestly inspiring
by: Mary Windorski


Wonderful job!! I'm glad you told the story behind your quilt. I know you made it with much love just as those men so long ago showed their love for others.

Job well done.

Kalispell, Montana

Dec 14, 2010
Three Dimensions are Intriguing
by: Sherry A. Byrd

I love the three dimensional look of the quilt. You did a great job with that aspect of the quilt. I am fascinated with three dimensionality in quilting.

Sherry Ann

Sep 18, 2010
Love it!
by: Patti Bach

I completely agree that you have captured the spirit of these dedicated men! Beautiful design and execution. Thanks for sharing!

Jul 20, 2010
Beautiful quilt!
by: Kathy Retzer

Your quilt portrays the journey of those seven men beautifully. The quilt is gorgeous, it makes one feel the spirit, dedication and hardship of the walk.

Jun 15, 2010
Quilt Walker
by: Chris

Your quilt is fantastic. What a wonderful event!

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