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Generic Walking Foot

by Catherine
(Greensburg, PA)

I have a Singer Rocketeer Model 500A. I also have a Kenmore Model 17850. Does anyone know if there is a walking foot and a hem roller foot available for either of these machine? They both work well and I hesitate to get a newer machine just for a walking foot.

Thank you.


Readers, if you know the answer to this questions, please use the 'Comments' link below to answer.

In the meantime, if you can't find a foot from Kenmore or Singer, you might want to check out generic sewing machine feet. These feet fit a variety of manufacturers' machines. The Clotilde website offers generic walking feet.

In order to choose the correct one, you'll need to know what type of shank your machine has. I believe that the Singer 500A has a Singer slant shank. I am not certain about the shank your Kenmore has.

All is not lost if you can't find the type of shank your machine has in your instruction manual.

Get out a ruler and measure from the screw to the bottom of the foot. If it's about 1-1/4", you've got a high shank. If it's about 3/4", you've got a low shank. Your Singer slant shank should be about 1-1/8" from the screw to the bottom of the foot.

You may also find the information on our page "Is a walking foot necessary?" to be of some help.

I hope this helps in the short term.

Readers, thank you for your help in advance! You're terrific!


Julie Baird

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