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Finding the best mid arm quilting machines

by Jeanie

I'm considering getting a mid arm machine.

I'm wondering what you like and why.


Readers, I'm going to need your help on this one.

I'm a regular, old, domestic sewing machine kind of gal and I quilt all of my quilts on my trusty old Viking D1.

While I'm intrigued by the idea of a mid or long arm, at this point I don't have the room to set it up or the time to learn a new skill...but I sure do look at them at the quilt shows!

In the meantime, what I can suggest is exactly the recommendation I'd make to anyone purchasing a domestic sewing machine.

Test drive the machine thoroughly and...

Know your dealer.

At quilt show is a great place to test drive, because you can usually try so many mid and long arm machines back to back and get an idea of the differences in how they work and feel.

There are also 'deals' to be had at a quilt show.

But my Mom always said that 'to get a deal, you'd better be prepared to give a deal'. And she was right.

The downside at a show is that it's much harder to get a sense of the dealer. There's just too many distractions.

If you NEVER have any problems with the machine, then a dealer might not mean so much, but problems happen...and usually at the worst time. So to me, knowing that the dealer is competent and qualified and concerned about good customer service IS a selling point. And an important one!

I was at our Guild's Saturday sew-in this past weekend, and I can say that the gal I sat across from was thrilled with her new mid-arm machine.

She did have the usual buyers remorse for a bit...but, hey! It's a big chunk of change to be able to put this machine in your house.

But she's happy she's got it. She gets more quilts finished with it, than without it. If you can afford it, isn't that really what this is all about?

Now, I'll turn this over to our readers.

If you've purchase a mid-arm machine for your own personal use, what suggestions can you give to someone in the market to buy one? Just use the 'Comments' link below to add your information.

Thank you. I'm grateful for the help!


Julie Baird

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Getting use to it
by: Renee

I bought the powerquilter from pfaff. It is an amazing machine. We have a great dealer of pfaff machine. A friend of mine also got one and we do help each other a lot.
The main thing with this machine is practice, practice and practice some more. The more I use it and the better I get. I do have a stitch regulator with it. Was quite pricey and really, I do not use it a lot. I would like to see more tutorial on YouTube about mid arm but only see demo with small project. Show us a big quilt...

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