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Fabric grain for baby quilt panels

by Rosalie Trongo
(Concord, NC)

I have some baby quilt panels cut with selvedges at top and bottom and my backing goes in the opposite direction. The selvedges are at the sides.

Will this pose any problems when washed or used?


No, it should not cause any problems. In essence you've got the lengthwise (most stable grain) running from left to right on the top panel and from top to bottom on the back. One makes the other more stable.

What I would recommend is that since this is for a baby, that the quilt be washed after it is finished so that it's ready for Mom to use. She doesn't have to stop and wash it herself.

Enjoy yourself! There are so many cute panels these days. They make up quick and are adorable to bootie, er, I mean boot! (sorry couldn't resist the pun!)


Julie Baird

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