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Fabric glue for invisible machine applique

by La Vonne
(Cedar Rapids, IA)


Which fabric glue do you use that will wash away after I have affixed it to the applique back?


I don't use any specialty 'fabric glue'...just Elmer's...yep, plain old Elmer's.

The white, liquid school glue...the kind I used back in grade school is great for adhering the finished shapes to the background fabric.

I use the purple disappearing Elmer's Glue Sticks for turning the seam allowances to the back of the Rinsaway templates. It's got just enough tack to hold the seam allowances after you've pinched them. The purple color makes it easy to see where and how much glue stick you've already applied.

Stock up on both sizes of glue stick. The smaller one is nicer for stems and skinny pieces. You won't waste so much glue. The larger one is the one I use most of the time.

When it's school supply season (like it is at this writing) I take advantage of the cheap prices and stock up. My glue sticks are stored in large Ziplock bags.

As I mentioned on the invisible machine applique technique pages, it can take awhile to wash out all the glue and glue stick from your applique blocks. But it's not hard, just keep changing the water after it's cooled until the water is clear.

I'm pretty liberal applying glue so there's always a lot for me to remove, but I love this technique, so it's worth it!

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

PS I was born in Cedar Rapids! At St. Lukes...a very long time ago!

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About the Elmers' glue stick
by: Betty Smith

You know, I used the Elmers' glue sticks on my leaf, vines and berries quilt. It DOES help with forming the leaves for hand applique, the only problem I had was that the leaves became so stiff from the glue that I could hardly pass a needle through many of them. I ended up having to wet them down, reform them and throw out the ones that just wouldn't bend. One of those "live and learn" type things. When you use the Elmers' liquid school glue, do you thin it down? If so, what recipe to you use? Is it half glue/half water? I also tried using a corn starch solution, but it a little messy. Also, mucked up my sewing machine a little bit! Any tips you can offer would be So much appreciated!


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