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Euro-Pro Craft 'n' Sew

by K. Hettich
(Milwaukee, WI)

Bought this online through QVC in 2001 because they advertised it as a steel shaft. A steel shaft is the only type I'll buy as I've had so much trouble in the previous 35 years with other types.

I understand Sears now owns the brand and that it is considered a less than 'great' brand. I have been able to use all my low shaft feet.

Threading, needle placement and bobbin workings are all great. It has, of course, its own idiosyncrasy, in that you must put a fully loaded bobbin in and not change it for one that is not full as it will nest badly, and keep on nesting.

I never had it cleaned or oiled professionally, just brushing it out at home. Never had any trouble with it in the first 15 years, through all types of sewing, and it was only last year when it got "fried" from an electric power surge. I was afraid the machine was toast, but not.

I have started my second quilt since I got it back from the repair man. My grandson broke the thread carrier so I'd been using the optional vertical carrier until it was in the repair shop when they replaced it.

One thing occasionally bothers me is that I cannot drop the feed dogs, instead I have a cover for them provided. Other than that I'd like to have more room on the right.

All things considered, it's a great machine and does everything I want it to.

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Jul 18, 2020
Need accessories
by: Suzee

I bought this machine from QVC around 2003. I only used it a couple of times. Was teaching myself to sew.

I moved and it was in storage. Seem to have lost the arm and all accessories including presser foot. Since I don’t have any accessories, what do you recommend I purchase to get started?

Are all presser feet universal? What can I use in place of the arm extension (not sure that’s what it's called)?


Jun 24, 2020
Love my EuroPro Craft n Sew
by: Linda in NE Iowa

A male penpal sent this machine to me 20 years ago (because someone stole my cabinet-Singer machine). I have made about 200 quilts of every size, clothes, 60 facemasks (still making more), curtains, potholders, pillowcases, etc. over the years. I have always maintained it easily enough myself.

I'm 72, still loving this machine.


Feb 20, 2020
Craft n Sew manual
by: Anonymous

I have lost my manual and found when I called the company that they no longer make the machine and do not have access to the manual.

Anyone have one they could sell?

Or a copy of the maintenance and oiling pages specifically?

Feb 15, 2019
My Euro-pro
by: Linda

I got this machine on an online shopping center 15 to 20 years ago, I am sewing on it now making children clothes for my great children. Never had a problem with this craft n sew machine. I have done a lot of sewing with it. I keep it cleaned of lint myself. Never had to take to repair shop. Love it. It will go to my grand daughter soon.

Apr 20, 2015
Count Your Blessings
by: Julie Baird, Editor

Thank you for sharing your experience with your machine.

Count your blessings! I've had quite a few quilters write in about their expensive Bernina machine which they regret purchasing. They've had no end of problems...and trips to the repair shop without remedy.

Quilting and sewing should be fun! And I'm so glad that yours has been a happy experience.

Quilt On!


Julie Baird

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