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English Roses, A Paper Piecing Quilt

by ejb
(Plainfield, IL)

English Roses

English Roses

I made this paper piecing quilt from a pattern called "English Roses" by Eileen Sullivan of The Designers Workshop. I love working with her quilt patterns. They are printed on freezer paper and are simple to use. The directions are easy to follow and GOOD!

I had challenged myself to finish a quilt a month for a year. I didn't have to start it from scratch, I just had to finish something every month.

I had one of Joen Wolfrom's color books, "Color Play", and decided to challenge myself. My husband picked a color for me to work was...oh no! was I have to admit fuchsia kind of makes me want to vomit...bad boyfriend experience, but I digress. I'm stuck with fuchsia for a color...what am I going to do? Well, I do like green so I decided to work on a complementary color scheme. Spring green and fuchsia it was.

Guess what?

I really didn't like that darned color. Couldn't find a speck of it in my stash. So it was off to the quilt store. That was one quilt store visit that wasn't any fun. But I came out with a pile of quarter yards of it. Now back to my stash.

I learned that all the greens that are in this quilt are related...always wondered why I liked them together.

I also had to work at the final color choices and placements. This was not a natural color scheme for me to work with. So I had to follow the color rules...that's where Joen's book came in handy. The quilt was finished within its allotted time, even the quilting and binding.

It was a good experience for me working outside my color box. I'm glad it worked out this way and would recommend it to anyone having problems with color. Get one of Joen's color books or her color cards and have SOMEONE ELSE choose a color to base your quilt on.

Hopefully the picture does the quilt justice, it's actually quite stunning in person, if I do say so myself.

And if you're wondering, I still don't like fuchsia.

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Jun 14, 2019
Beautiful Work!
by: Anonymous

So beautiful with the shadows and shading of the leafs and flowers. Looks great. I would love to learn how to do that.

Nov 18, 2012
by: Lorna McMahon

Very pretty. The green definitely makes the fuchsia work. Love the contrast!

Aug 09, 2010
Question about the size
by: Lue (again)

I went to the site to order "English Roses" and the pattern is only 31x32 (crib or wall hanging). I make primarily queen size quilts. If you were going to enlarge it to a queen size, would you make the quilt as is and simply add more border?

Aug 09, 2010
It's sensational!
by: Lue

I just saw paper piecing at the Sequim, WA Lavender Festival Quilt Show and fell in love! I've never paper pieced a quilt but your exquisite quilt has inspired me even more! I'm going to order the pattern & get busy!!

Mar 04, 2010
You can find the pattern at...
by: Julie Baird, Editor

You can find the pattern at:

It's Item #128. The freezer paper pattern with instructions is $12.00. Eileen Sullivan writes a good pattern.

I did do one thing a bit different than the instructions. As I pieced each section, I would leave a good 1/2" of fabric extending beyond the edges of the section. That way I could trim them leaving 1/2" for my seam allowances. There are lots of pieces in each block with lots of seams at the edge, which means there's lots of bulk in the seam allowances.

By using a 1/2" SA, I could then more easily press open the seam allowances to distribute the bulk. Once pressed open to my satisfaction, I then trimmed them down to the standard 1/4" with my scissors.

At some point, I'll have a "store" up on the website. I will possibly carry Eileen's patterns, but that will be sometime in the future. Late spring/early summer at the earliest.

Hope this helps!


Mar 04, 2010
Beautiful work!
by: cheryl

I think this is an exquisite piece. Where can I get the pattern?

Sep 15, 2009
Love it!
by: Anonymous

You're kidding, I love the fuchsia in the quilt. Its just so perfect. I love the greens as well. Its inspired me now.

Sep 09, 2009
woo hoo
by: Marithebeth

Ya gotta know its absolutely fantastic. Cmon! It's wonderful work. Great idea finishing one project per month. I lost my job, and decided to finish my ufo's this year. It's been a wonderful time, but unfortunately (Ha) I got a job, and now I have to fit work in with my quilting. Keep up the good work.

Aug 24, 2009
by: Joyce

'Tis a beautiful quilt and the colors go well together. It's one I'd hang on my wall if I had it! :)

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