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Emery's Quilt

by Brandon Rowland
(Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States)

I am looking the for quilt top that was sold by mistake out of our storage unit. The owner of the unit got our unit mixed up with the unit that was supposed to be sold.

I am looking for a quilt top (it doesn't have the backing on it just the top). It was made by my mother who passed from cancer September 18, 2012 for my daughter. She was trying to finish it before she passed but was unable to.

The unit was cleaned out by a guy named Tommy Morris from Hot Springs and a lot of the stuff was bought by 2 girls from the Fort Smith area. I finally found them and was able to get some of the antique furniture back but the quilt was not found. Please go to my facebook page and there are numerous post with the quilt picture in it. I need to get this back and will pay whatever I can to whoever has it.

Please help if possible.

Brandon Rowland

Please Help!!!

From the Editor: Brandon, I'm happy to post this in hopes that someone will see it!

~ Julie

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