Delaware Quilt Shops, Fabric Stores and Machine Dealers

4 stores to tempt you!

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Our current list of Delaware quilt shops is below, shown in alphabetical order by location.

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A smart Quilter...

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Delaware Quilt Shops, Fabrics Stores and Machine Dealers

Remember to ALWAYS call ahead to make sure the shop will be open on the day you plan to visit. I have specifically omitted hours and days from the listings because they change.

Stores close, many times without notice, for holidays, bad weather or for family emergencies, or simply because there's no one to run the store that day.

And quite frankly, your quilting time is much too precious to waste.

I don't want you making any unnecessary trips.

Don't forget to ask what they specialize in, too! It's good to go into a shop on a mission!


Serendipity Quilt Shop
31821 Cannon St
302 732 6304


Delaware Sewing Center
Rodney Village Shopping Center
1716 S. Governor's Avenue
302 674 9030
800 231 9030


Blue Hen Quilt Shop
705 Interchange Blvd
Interchange Business Park
302 533 5215


Hayes Sewing Machine Co
4425 Concord Pike
302 764 9033

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