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Cuddle Up

by Babs
(North Lincolnshire, UK)

This is my first attempt. I made a lap guilt for my grandson. The pattern is copied from a quilting book I got from the library. As I enjoy embroidery as well as machine sewing it was a good way for me to start. My technical is awful and I made loads of mistakes but I had so much fun doing it and adapting some of it to suit myself. Fortunately Spen loves it and has it on his bed.

I plan to make another very soon. I shall never be a great maker of quilts but it is such a rewarding past time.

Thanks to all those people who's books and work gave me the incentive to have a go.

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Apr 23, 2016
Beverly Randolf
by: Babs

Thank you for your kind remarks and encouragement

Apr 23, 2016
Well done!
by: Beverly Randolph

This was very ambitious for your first quilt, and it looks like you did a great job, despite your concerns!

Remember two things as you continue to quilt: whatever works for YOU is GOOD--AND--DONE is better than PERFECT! :)

Well done and keep on quilting!

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