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Cloth Leaders

Printed Cloth Leaders
How can I straighten stretched leaders easily?


Since I am not a long arm quilter and have no experience with quilting frames, I am putting this question out to our readers.

If you can help, please use the "Comments" link below for your answer.

Thank you!


Julie Baird

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by: Kathy

I just got my first quilt frame, now it calls for leaders. Does anyone have a pattern for them, they are really expensive.

Thank You!
by: Julie Baird, Editor

I just wanted to thank you gals for responding so quickly to provide help for this problem!

You are the greatest and I appreciate the time you took to help.

Thank You!

Julie Baird

Stretched Leaders Solutions
by: Michelle

Sally Terry, a well-known long arm quilter has a suggestion here.

I hope it helps you.


Cloth Leaders
by: Anonymous

They are for a quilting machine, long arm...mid arm on a frame. And if they are stretched badly it's pretty hard to unstretch them. I would take them off and run them through a washer (probably not in a hot dryer though). Lay them out flat to dry and see what happens. If they are still stretched, you might want to make new ones. I was not happy with the ones that came on my machine and made new ones out of pillow ticking. The stripes help to keep everything straight.


Cloth Leaders
by: Cindy

I have been quilting over 50 years and I was taught on a true to life floor frame by both grandmothers, & my mother. I am also from the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland and West Virgina. I have never heard of cloth leaders used with a quilt in a regular floor frame. They might be something that has been developed for a long arm quilter, but between Maryland and North Carolina, I have never run into a quilter who used a floor frame use anything like this.

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