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Churning up trouble

by Sally
(Washington State)

Churn Dash Quilt by Sally

Churn Dash Quilt by Sally

I have been clocked in for about 30 years, and I have always wanted to do a Churn Dash Block Quilt.

I am really into scrappy and Vintage fabrics to work with. I just started cutting out different fabrics and putting these blocks together.

Love the way it has turned out.

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Feb 16, 2022
Well done!
by: Anne

Your quilt is beautiful, must give you lots of satisfaction to stand back and consider all the work. I’m amazed how the use of different colours can make such a difference in the same block.

Well done!

Feb 15, 2022

by: Julie

Beautiful job, Sally!

I love scrappy quilts, too. There's something about the serendipity of putting the different fabrics together.

Congratulations on your finish!


Julie Baird

PS For those of you inspired by Sally's quilt, you can find the block instructions here.

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