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Brother NQ700PRW

by Nancy Pfannenstiel
(Quinter, KS)

Nothing but trouble, right from the beginning...

*took it back to dealer several times for correction of problems in the first few months

*Was finally told by the dealer over the phone that nobody has trouble with this machine - you are the problem.

*found another more distant dealer to take over warranty. Very generous. Involves driving machine 60 miles to drop off point, where it is taken and driven another 100 miles to the dealer and back again. At best, a 6-week process.

*Was told there were a lot of things wrong with the machine and the first dealer had obviously not even opened the machine up to see what was going on.

*I probably never got more than 6 weeks of use from the machine before it needed to go back to the shop. Machine finally begins to seize up at about 6-week intervals. Was told by the dealer, I must be sewing fast.

*This has gone on for 3 years. I finally bought a Janome as a backup - problem-free - and regret not spending more on it.

*Last time the Brother machine came home from the shop I just put it in the closet. Finally got it out to do only piecing work on light fabric. I have used it for probably 3 months, and it is seized up again.

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Nov 15, 2020
Sewing machine service in very high demand
by: Anonymous

In the Washington DC area, the demand is so high for sewing machine repairs and maintenance that there is a 7-week wait after you take your machine in. This is the result of many people who decided to make masks getting old machines from relatives and other sources needing to have those machines serviced.

Also, people have had more time to sew since we are at home more. Not worried about anyone going out of business here.

Nov 14, 2020
I feel your pain
by: Julie Baird, GQP Editor

OMG!, Nancy.

"You are the problem"????


Clearly, someone that doesn't want to stay in business or value yours. It would have quite easy if he thought that was the case to have you come in and quilt for awhile under his watch to see if there's anything he could suggest that would be meaningful.

I mean, seriously, that's just not that hard to do.

I am very concerned that with the pandemic that we'll lose a lot of the small dealers and that having to take a machine 60 miles will become the norm for a lot of people.

It's gut-wrenching when your machine lets you down and even worse when the dealer just doesn't give a crap.

I hope the new dealer will be more's a sad state of affairs.


Julie Baird

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