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Brother DZ3000

by Charles Gillenwater
(San Francisco, CA)

I only purchased my Brother machine a few months ago.

I planned to use it for sewing only. Well, one day I suddenly became very interested in quilting. I just happened to have a few books on quilting, so I started reading them and looking at pictures and became even more interested in quilting!

I wasn't hesitant to go for it. I've always been a bit creative and not afraid to dive in head first.

I began to read more and more, watch videos on quilting, etc. I was soon confident enough to start ordering the tools of the trade, lots of rulers, and so on. I then began ordering fabric, fabric, and more fabric (this is the really fun part). I had a few of the necessities as I have been sewing for about 3 or 4 years. I am the kind of person that must have everything I need, or think I might need, before I will even start a project.

So here I am trying to put ideas from my head into an online order. I should mention here that I must order everything online. Two reasons, I don't drive and there is only one fabric store in downtown San Francisco, and their prices are just a bit steep for my pocket. I do like nice quality fabrics, but there is a limit.

Anyway, I finally decided on a pattern and the fabrics I would use for my first quilt experience. I jumped right into it, and the more I did the more I loved I!

Did I make mistakes? Of course, I did, doesn't everyone. But they were not big ones and I figured out how to correct them. This is part of the learning process.

I've had a few delays for one reason or another, but it's all running on my schedule (no time restrictions). Just decided to change the fabric for my HSTs; so glad I decided this before I had sewn any of these.

I just realized this was a machine review; looks like I got side tracks.

Anyhow, I love my machine, but I haven't done any actual quilting on it yet. I'm sure it will be just fine. I have only to please myself.

So, the quilt top is coming along just fine. If I wasn't going to London next week, I'd probably have it finished by my 72nd birthday, October 10th. So, you're never too old to find something new to occupy your time and please yourself with the lovely results.

From the Editor: Congratulations, Charles, on joining this fun adventure known as 'quilting'.

I hope you don't mind that I bolded your last statement—it's an important thing for folks to remember.



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