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Blanket Stitch Problem

Pebble quilting in Rogaland Rosemaling

Pebble quilting in Rogaland Rosemaling

When using a Quilting 100% cotton thread, my blanket stitch appears distorted on the Back.. is this a problem?

The blanket stitch on view looks fine.

I had been told that Blanket stitch should look the same on both sides of the material, so I have tried to change the tension but this doesn't improve it.


Ideally, it should look the same on both sides...that would indicate that the tension is perfectly balanced.

Personally, if the front looks good AND the stitches are good—meaning they're not too loose or flimsy—then I'd settle for having a front that looks right.

If you're using a different thread or different weight thread in the bobbin that could be why the stitches don't look the same on the top.

On Rogaland Rosemaling, I quilted the living daylights out of the background with a pebble free motion quilting pattern (above). The front looks FA-BU-LOUS (if I do say so myself)...but the back is another matter. There's a whole lot of needle thread showing on the back (below). It's the blue that you see.

Rogaland Rosemaling - back of quilt

I made a choice as I quilted.

It was more important that I NOT have bobbin thread showing on the top as I quilted, so I cranked the tension just a bit to insure that that wouldn't happen.

I love the front enough to live with the back.

If your stitch quality is good and this isn't a competition quilt where you're going to be specifically judged on how the back looks, and you're OK with it, go for it!

You've got lots of other quilts waiting to be made, I bet. Having a perfect back on this one, won't get the next one made any faster.

I hope this helps.

Readers, as always your thoughts and experiences are appreciated. Just use the 'Comments' link below to share.


Julie Baird

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