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Biscuit/Rag quilt

by SueJean
(Dot Lake, AK)

Biscuit/Rag Quilt in Flannel

Biscuit/Rag Quilt in Flannel

The recent birth of a "grand-niece" was the perfect opportunity to make something PINK! I don't get many opportunities to make baby quilts and I've always wanted to try a biscuit quilt and a rag quilt. This pattern let me do both.

I had a small pile of flannel scraps to work with so I picked the brightest colors I had and set to work.

This isn't a hard quilt to make at all, but I complicated the whole thing by trying to make one design on the front and the other on the back. I ended up messing up the front when I flipped one row wrong, but the back came out great with the three colors. Oh well.

Cutting the fringe on the front of the quilt took me a couple of hours and made me wonder if it was really worth it. My little scissors and my hands were happy when I got done.

After making the quilt, I decided that I better wash it to set the purple as it looked a bit dodgy and might have run. What a mess!! The fringes left tiny threads in my washer and all over the laundry room floor.

Thankfully, I have a shop vac to deal with those little oopsies and the colors came out great with a little vinegar.

This quilt was a lot of fun and someday I hope I have a chance to make another one. I used the Missouri Star Quilt tutorial on YouTube to make it. It was the easiest tutorial I could find.

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