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Bernina Artista 180

by Barbara P

My dear husband bought this machine for me at Christmas in 2001. I was elated but terrified to touch it. I took the free classes and found true love...until I found out the computer hook-up was not really what it claimed to be.

No worries, it still was the best sewing machine I ever used or owned.

Three years ago I had a mother board issue that cost me $700 to repair as well as multiple trip back to the shop and 6 months of downtime.

I tried to contact Bernina throughout the years, but with only "we'll get back to you" as the only help offered.

I finally picked up a Janome DC 4030PR. Worked well as a bridge to getting through my unfinished projects. My hope was to use this lighter weight machine for classes and traveling.

I guess my frustration was getting someone at Bernina to answer customer issues and not just dump machines on the market and forget the customers.

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Feb 19, 2024
Bernina 180 screen is not dead
by: Anonymous

This is a comment following the letter from May 2020. There is a YouTube video that reviews this Bernina 180 machine when the screen does not come up. Apparently this happens, and the machine is not dead…it needs time to restart. In the video, they leave the machine on for hours. It comes up and works fine.
I purchased a used 180 for almost nothing. It appeared dead, but I left it on and in 50 minutes it was working fine. Later on, I switched to another machine and the 180 sat unused for a couple of years. I recently turned it on, and nothing. I left it on and in 3 hours it was working. Don’t give up on your machine!

Feb 09, 2023
Letter size
by: Jayne Z

Can I embroider 3.5 in letters using my artista 180? The monogram fonts only go to about 2.3 inches.

Mar 24, 2021
Bernina parts
by: Anonymous

I have been a sewing machine tech for 45 years.(all brands) I don't usually get involved in these discussions, but thought I would in this one.

No one has computerized parts for longer than Bernina. Most parts for the 180 are still available. It's unfortunate about the touchscreen, I am looking for one as well and also found the source mentioned in Australia.

A lot of the issues I read on here are actually dealer issues and they are true of any brand. No brand can be directly responsible for what happens at a dealer.

Dealers are independent businesses.

Aug 15, 2020
Artista 180 screen
by: Anonymous

I've had my 180 since May 2001. Although I can't say it has a ton of miles on it, I have made 48 quilts on it. It has always been a great machine! However, I see the screen is starting to go. The shop that does my regular tune-up maintenance says what I'm reading more parts available.

I do see a "new 180 screen" on ebay, it has to come from Australia! I was in Michigan but now live in Florida.

Anyone here ever think about selling your machine for parts?

Has anyone found a good replacement brand?

With all the machines being computerized now, it doesn't seem worth it to pay big bucks...maybe better to pay less and replace more often!?

From the Editor: I've been coming around to that opinion more and more. My last machine that I bought (Juki DX200-QVP) was much less expensive than my Designer 1—whose mother board died. $800 to fix the old one versus $1200 for the new wasn't a hard decision to make.

Though there are a couple of features that I didn't get on the Juki that are on my MUST-HAVE list next time. I figured I wouldn't miss them that much, but I did.

Thanks for sharing. That strategy is well-worth considering if you're in the market for a new machine.


Julie Baird

Jul 16, 2020
Bernina needs to support their mavhines
by: Anonymous

I have a similar experience. I bought a Bernina Activa 131 in 2002. At 10 it lost its main board. Easy $200 fix. But it was " my fault" because I didn’t always use a surge protector.

Last year I lost all my deco stitches. Another board problem. But this time Bernina doesn’t support my machine anymore. To fix it I have to ship the entire thing off and have it repaired for $700.

I contacted Bernina and they don’t care. It’s "old". I am angry Bernina stops supporting older machines. 20 years is not old in the sewing machine world. It’ll make me think twice about buying another expensive Bernina.

And I’ll never buy a used older one!

May 09, 2020
Holy cow! This is not good news!
by: Anonymous

Holy cow! This is not good news these reviewers are posting! I bought the "best sewing machine ever" touted machine years ago. Got the Artista 180. Bought it used. I LOVED it! I was able to make heir loom projects by following the book and it embroidered beautifully! Then I couldn’t use the machine for about 8 years due to an injury. I just pulled the machine out, along with all the dreams I shelved with it, and the screen didn’t work! I cried for 2 hours! So disappointed!
Now, In the middle of a pandemic, my chances of getting it fixed are null to zip reading these comments that are 2 years old!! Now I can really cry! I can’t afford another machine like this now. So I have a broken very expensive awesome machine that has a snotty manufacturer that doesn’t respond and is a dinosaur. Good grief! 😭😭😭

Jan 23, 2019
Bernina Artista 180
by: Anonymous

I had my Bernina 180 for Over 22 years. I never had problems in all that time I use that machine every day.

In the US once a model machine, car, TV etc has been discontinued the company must provide parts for five years after the date it has been discontinued. Bernina Guaranties availability of Parts for 20 Years from the time the model has been discontinued.

The sewing machine with the least amount of repairs will be a well-made mechanical sewing machine. I got a Brother sewing and embroidery machine in 2003. Two years ago I brought that machine in to get it fixed and they couldn't get parts for it. The computer screen wasn't the problem, it was a mechanical part. I had that machine only 14 years.

Bernina 200E the same age as the Brother machine. I brought it in at the same time and had no problem getting a mechanical part for it. In two more years, it will be twenty years since that model was discontinued. At that time if my computer screen goes I will no longer be able to get a part for that unless I can find a dealer who has a spare one.

The point is I can still get parts for a longer period of time with Bernina than any other brand. Just a thought (how many computers have you had over the years). The speed in which computer technology has changed, means computerized machines are discontinued faster.

Sep 29, 2018
No more repairs!!
by: Anonymous

I have been a Bernina user since 1971 and loved them. Finally had a problem with my 180 last week and took it to the dealer (Richmond, VA) for repair.

Not only were they rude, but I was told they no longer repair 180s - out of date and cannot get spares at all. If I traded it in (if they had a special) it would go to the dump!

Wow, was I shocked and disappointed. No more Bernina for me. Now I have to find a replacement but not sure where to go next?

Jul 26, 2018
Bernina uppdates
by: Florea

Every disappointment in this machine. I got a new computer with Windows 10 and now I need an update ok my sewing machine. Which cost around $600. Bernina is a money pit.

Jun 23, 2018
Monday machine
by: BGordon

When my parents died my husband suggested I use my inheritance to buy the top of the line Bernina because I love my 1120 so much. It has been nothing but grief.

The dealer was too far away to take the classes and I had to send the machine back to Bernina twice to have it rebuilt. My dealer for 1120 was great, but she retired.

The 180 has left me leery of any sort of computerized sewing machine.

If I win the lottery I might invest in one again, but maybe not a Bernina.

Dec 08, 2016
Bernina service issues
by: Anonymous

I also tried to contact Bernina about advice on repairing my 1130. Advice my local dealer couldn't answer. I got absolutely no reply even though it was months ago.. I have to agree.

All the hype about being the best machine money can buy is all very well but it's initial cost should have the Bernina establishment a lot more sympathetic to their customers needs.

I am very disappointed.

Jun 23, 2016
Bernina Artista180 is a money pit
by: Anonymous

I just paid $667.60 for the mother board.

On my 180.

Got home try to use the embroidery card and the machine wouldn't work. The repair person didn't update the machine to the version the message on the machine said.

This machine has been a money pit. Very disappointed.

Jun 30, 2015
Bernina repair
by: Anonymous

Stores that sell Bernina sewing machines can repair Bernina sewing machines. Bernina in Keizer, OR has excellent repair and maintenance services. I have been a customer since 1996.

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