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Bernina 820.

by Dia Senechal
(Buxton Maine USA)

Owned this Bernina 820 for approx 10 months. Took lessons at Sanford Sewing Center in Sanford, Maine. The machine would not even make it through a lesson working and was always left at the shop for repair.

I agree with everything I am reading online.

The Bernina 820 is a dog and we all should get our money back.

I cannot sew as the saggy thread icon comes onto the screen. Thread, unthread, change thread, nothing works. The tension is terrible. And the BSR is not workable, due to tension problems.

I am ready to throw this piece of junk in the Maine snow bank. Class action sounds good to me.

We all need to stand up and scream.

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Oct 10, 2017
820 Dog
by: Patricia

I have read all the comments and had them as well.

This summer the top built in feed dog started dropping piece by piece on my quilt as I was sewing. Over to the dealer, they put it back together (after 2 weeks) it wouldn't seat properly into the back of the foot, another 2 weeks at the dealer.

I wrote to Bernina this past week, they want me to mail it to Aurora, Illinois (at my expense) then, when they figure what is wrong it I am to pay for the labor and all the parts.

Cash cow for Bernina, money pit for me.

Sep 07, 2017
Bernina 820
by: Anonymous

I also got one. Also gave me trouble.😂😭

Oct 25, 2016
Bernina 820
by: Debbie

Bought this 2nd hand--year old. Demo machine. It is PERFECT! Works beautifully!

Sep 19, 2015
Bernina 820, no love lost
by: Anonymous

For 6 years I have worked with this machine and two dealers. It has had approximately $1,000 of parts replaced before the warranty expired.

It has been in the shop over and over again. Each time I am naive enough to believe it will work when I get it home.

I am trying to complete a quilt for a show, the machine is of course not working, tensions are inconsistent and the knob that controls both tension adjustment and stitch length is not working. ( this probably means another board needs replacing) Oh yes it just came from the shop.

I have been told by both dealers it is not the machine, of course this means "its me". I have knowledge of sewing. I have loved my 'old' 930 Bernina for 35 years or more, and I seem to be able to operate my new Brother 2400 without difficulty.

Can this 'dog' even be traded in, (certainly not for another Bernina product)?

Jul 14, 2015
Bernini 820 HATE IT
by: Anonymous

This machine isn't even good for a door stop. Bernini should take them all back. I have never heard of anyone happy with them.

I am looking at the Pfaff now, but cannot get nearly what a lightly owned machine should bring, if it wasn't defective!

Jun 02, 2015
Hate it!!! Hate it!!
by: Anonymous

Absolutely agree the 820 Bernina is a dog!!

Too long a list that makes me sick to go through. I will never trust Bernina and their DEALERS!!! Again. Never.

Nothing but trouble. I've had one for 6 miserable years!!! Trash them!!!

Feb 15, 2015
I hate the 820
by: Fern

I have become terribly depressed using the 820. I always thought it was my fault. And my 820 is always being repaired too.

I am so angry because this machine cost a fortune and it certainly isn't worth all the money. I hate the 820 and am trying to see if I can get it changed - with no extra cost - with another machine.

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