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Bernina 1001

by Andrea Harles
(Washington DC)

This is a very basic quality entry level machine.

I thought at the time when I purchased it 15 years ago, I didn't need anything other than straight stitch and zig-zag. I expected this machine to be a quality and satisfying machine for many years to come.

I would strongly encourage anyone who knows they are serious about sewing to buy a machine with more options. I regret very much not having those available to me. It has left me with a bad case of machine envy for many years.

The machine itself has been a disappointment to me.

I don't like the quality of the straight stitch. It is not even. After servicing and asking it to be addressed, it sometimes improve, but it is short lived. I don't perceive it to be an improvement over the inexpensive Kenmore machine that it replaced.

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Jul 20, 2021
Faithful machine
by: Anonymous

I bought my 1001 in 1995 and have been pleased with it. It has seen me through City and Guilds embroidery and patchwork plus many hours of making school uniforms for a charity.

No need to update it, if it is not working properly then I usually find it is my mistake.

From the Editor: It just makes my heart sing when quilters are happy with their machines. It makes the quilting process just that much more fun.

Thank you for writing!


Julie B

Apr 24, 2020
Same here
by: Anonymous

I stopped using my Bernina 1001, because the quality of the straight stitch wasn't very straight. It sort of zigged to the right. I had it serviced by very experienced people, and it was fine when I brought it home for about 10 minutes. Finally I gave up. It worked fine but I just didn't like the look of the stitch. The Kenmore it replaced was better.

This was in the late 1980s. Maybe the newer ones are better.

Dec 14, 2019
A trusted friend!
by: Carolyn

I've had my Bernina 1001 for many years and only had it in for service once. It's reliable, stitches well, and has sewn many, many kids shirts and dresses, costumes, helped with repairs, and I've been thoroughly pleased with it.

As the other reviewer commented, it is a basic machine and that's just what I need.

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