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Babylock Espire

by Madge Powis

The Babylock Espire is part of the Quilter's Dream series<br /><br />

The Babylock Espire is part of the Quilter's Dream series

What do you like about it?

I like the dependability of it. I am a hard user of sewing machines...I had a 1950 Singer 401 that was a workhorse. This one is equal in performance for me.

What don't you like?

It seems silly but I don't like the way the plate comes off for cleaning. It is just too hard to remove for timely dusting.

How was the service?

My service man is GREAT. I travel about 100 miles round trip because he is trust worthy. There is a local store close by that I would never use.

Was there an education class? How was it?

Yes there was, but I live too far to take advantage. I do call with any questions.

Were there any surprises after you bought it?

Not really, I didn't expect to like using it without the foot pedal, but I do like the push button feature.

Would you recommend the same model to your best friend?

YES! I already have.

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Jul 25, 2020
Reverse sewing
by: Andianne Kolodziej onymous

How do I sew in reverse on baby lock espies?

Feb 28, 2016
Baby Lock Espire Eleanor Burns Edition
by: Edie N.

I love my Baby Lock Espire. I love the larger room to quilt my quilts. The stitching is even. I also have a manual (not a quilting, no feed dogs down) Baby Lock which I use with a quarter inch foot to piece my quilting blocks. I love these two machines.

I also have a Bernina 150 QE for 17 years and I loved that machine. Now it is on its way to Switzerland to get the motherboard fixed as our local store cannot find another motherboard like my QE. I love that machine too as it was easy to take apart, clean etc. Most of my quilting was done on this machine.

I love my Espire as the stitches are more even than the Bernina but I agree with the person who said that it is harder to take off the throat plate and clean around inside. That is my only criticism of the Baby Lock Espire.

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