Baby Lock Soprano

by Marti
(Lincoln CA)

If you are thinking about buying a new Babylock Sewing Machine you may want to read this and think twice before you make your decision.

I purchased a Baby Lock Soprano on 10/4/2017 from a local sewing store with several locations in the greater Sacramento region.

I have sewn and quilted for over 40 years and have owned several different machines.

My Soprano worked right at first, then the bobbins would wind like a rats nest, I still have some as proof. I took it in for repair and was told by the scan and cut teacher I needed to take a class to learn how to wind a bobbin.

When the repairs came back I was told a small piece of thread under the winding mechanism was causing the problem. The bobbin winds perfectly now but it will not stop by itself, it just goes on and on, I have to hit the stop button to stop it.

I constantly have the issue of threading to sew and it won’t sew until I re-thread three or four times. I was in a class at the quilt store last Friday and this happened in class more than once. Also while I am sewing it will stop and the screen says select a pattern. I have to power off and restart to sew again. This also happened in class.

I traded in a Baby Lock Ellageo for this poor excuse for a sewing machine, do yourself a favor and look at something besides this model.

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