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Baby Lock Sewing Machine: Ellisimo

by Emily
(South Florida)

The Baby Lock Ellisimo

The Baby Lock Ellisimo

I have had 4 Bernina sewing machines since 1985. The most recent was the 630 with the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator). This stitch regulator was the main reason I upgraded to this model. I loved this machine until I saw the Baby Lock.

Fell in love on the spot.

The Baby Lock Ellisimo comes loaded with stuff and I mean loaded: straight stitch and zig zag stitch plate, walking foot, too many feet to list, 2 bobbin cases etc.

I thought I would never own any other machine except a Bernina. Sadly I never got the hang of the BSR to satisfy myself. I feel I have far more control with the Ellisimo. The few feet that I have purchased for it (1/4" quilting foot) was half the price of the comparable Bernina foot.

The stitch quality is excellent.

The pivot function and auto threader is absolute magic.

This is the machine of my dreams and half the price of the newest Bernina. I shouldn't forget to mention the beautiful embroidery my Baby Lock does, too.

Emily, FL

Editor's Note:

Emily, this sounds like a great sewing machine.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ellisimo, I gathered up some of the most pertinent information as it relates to quilters. However, you should be aware that this machine is also a superb embroidery machine. If you watch the video further on down the page, that will become crystal clear.

The computerized Baby Lock Ellisimo has many quilter-friendly features and attachments, many of them are listed below:
  • LCD Screen: This is a big one, measuring 8-1/2 on the diagonal. Your instruction manual is loaded in the machine's'll never have to hunt for it again...along with 11 instructional videos. THAT is slick. Lots of other goodies come along with using this screen, many related to machine embroidery.

  • Automatic Needle Threader: You thread the machine, it threads the needle

  • Large Harp: A whopping 10 inches to the right of the needle, 5 inches in height

  • Stadium Lighting: Sewing machine manufacturers are getting wise to the fact that lighting is very important. Baby Lock calls their improvements 'Stadium Lighting'. They have added more lights and upgraded the quality of them to brighter LEDs. The entire space under the arm of the machine is lit.

  • 682 Stitches to Choose From: 'nuf said. We quilters are dazzled by lots of stitches. This includes 79 decorative satin stitches...great for embellishing the edges of fusible applique.

  • 3 USB Ports: Enough to load your machine embroidery designs from other sources as well as adding a mouse for ease of use to manipulate those designs.

  • One Touch Buttons: These are for easily controlling
    • Start/Stop
    • Reverse Sewing
    • Needle Up/Needle Down (this feature includes three programmable positions)
    • Thread Cutter
    • Presser foot lift

  • Variable Speed Control: This is really helpful for free motion machine quilting. For many the ability to stitch a a consistent, reduced speed increases control of the quilt sandwich.

  • Knee lift with an extra high presser foot lift (excellent for getting over the lumpy edges of quilts when you're positioning for machine quilting, as well as the hoops for free motion embroidery or thread play

  • Presser Feet: The machine comes with 18 presser feet, the following being most suited to quilters:
    • Walking foot
    • Free-motion quilting foot
    • Free-motion open toe quilting foot (I like that they've got both)
    • Echo-quilting foot
    • Straight stitch foot

    Baby Lock Ellisimo Patchwork Foot

    (As a quilter, I would recommend purchasing the open toe foot (ESG-OT) for machine applique ) for machine applique and paper piecing) and the 1/4 inch Quilting or Patchwork Foot with Guide (ESG-QGF) for piecing.

  • Straight stitch throat plate (excellent for free motion quilting, creates better stitch quality in my opinion)

  • Spool stand to accommodate larger cones

  • Drop-In Bobbin: with an independent winding motor

For a short look at this machine...

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We value the opinions of our readers. You can add yours by taking part in this on-going 'Sewing Machine Survey' that starts close to the bottom of that page. We hope you will take a minute to participate!

Do you have an Ellisimo?

Let us know what you think about it using the 'comment' link below, or if you prefer, write your own review. Thank you for sharing.

Emily, happy quilting and embroidering with your machine! You are in for some good times!


Julie Baird

For more information you can view and/or print Baby Lock's Ellisimo brochure.

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Comments for Baby Lock Sewing Machine: Ellisimo

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Jul 30, 2020
Bernina 790 vs Baby Lock Ellisimo
by: Anonymous

I had to have a Bernina B790. It has done nothing but given me problems after problems. Wish I Knew this before purchasing it. At this point in my life, I never want to see another Bernina sewing and embroidery machine ever again.

I purchased an Ellisimo because Nancy had one.

Love the Ellisimo hands down. It is a beautiful machine and definitely user friendly!

P.S. I thought the Bernina was the best machine on the market...was I wrong!! It is overpriced and also the accessories. To me, Babylock beats out the Bernina any day...

Feb 05, 2020
Babylock Ellisimo
by: Christine M

I have owned several Singers, Bernina, Viking,
White and several other brands before I bought my Babylock Ellisimo. That was 10 years ago.

I loved it from the moment I got it home.

I've made over 200 quilts and this is what got me through my cancer surgery.

From the Editor:

Congratulations on finding the perfect machine for you!


...for getting through your cancer surgery. That is huge and I hope quilting can help you get through the healing process.

My husband had surgery for an MFS last summer that they thought was something else. Didn't even see the cancer coming. All is well now, though.

Wishing the same positive results for you!


Julie Baird

Apr 04, 2018
by: Anonymous

I got my machine in 2011. I absolutely love it. My first was a Bernina 200 upgraded for the BSR. Which I really like.

But my Ellisimo is so wonderful. Thank you BabyLock.



Aug 22, 2016
Ellisimo Files
by: Mari

I LOVED my Ellisimo Gold II. I upgraded to version III then just upgraded to The Destiny.

It broke my heart that the Destiny didn't have the same file on it that the Ellisimo did (The cupcakes and the stick animals and such)

Do you know anywhere I can locate the files, especially those 2 sets. I love the Destiny but I loved those files, too.

From the Editor: Hi Mari,

I wish I could provide a definitive answer.

Unfortunately, the best I can do is recommend you contact either Babylock directly or your local dealer.

The other option is to locate one of the Ellisimo groups on Yahoo. I suspect that others are in your same position and may have found the solution.

Again, I wish I could be of more help.


Julie Baird

Nov 03, 2012
Babylock Ellisimo
by: Anonymous

I've owned my Ellisimo for approximately two years now. It has all three of the upgrades installed and many of the optional feet.

There are many things about this machine that I love - the auto needle threader is one of the best-loved and most appreciated features for me - as well as the precise positioning (sorry, Pfaff) I achieve with the built-in camera feature. The 3rd upgrade - border hoop - is wonderful for blankets, quilts, and extra-long designs in general.

This is the most user-friendly machine on the market, along with its sister product, the Quattro. I'm not a "brand" chaser, as I look for features important to me, product reliability and durability, and stitch quality. I currently own Pfaff, Bernina, Babylock, and Janome/New Home machines. I've been an avid garment seamstress for over 35 years, and also enjoy thread painting and landscape quilting.

Now, with all that said, do I love my Babylock Ellisimo? No, even though I really, really want to! I do love the needle threader, however. Why don't I love my Ellisimo? Because it has the poorest stitch quality of all my machines. This goes for embroidery, as well as everyday stitches.

Before I bought it, I joined two Babylock Ellisimo Yahoo Groups to "lurk and learn" all the things the owners enjoyed or hated about their machines. After a year or so, I simply had never read anything negative about this machine. Everyone LOVED the Ellisimo and raved on and on about its wonders. In the meantime, I was happily sewing and quilting on my older Pfaff 2140/70 and my Bernina 200/730, both of which have absolutely gorgeous embroidery and stitch quality to this day.

I don't know if it's just my machine or what. Is the stitch quality really all that bad or am I just spoiled by the quality of the older Pfaff and Bernina machines? I've taken samples of how my Ellisimo stitches out, and everyone agrees that it could stand some improvement. The dealer says that there's nothing mechanically wrong with the machine, so I'm at a loss.

Anyway, if you're looking for the most user-friendly machine on the market, then go for it (or the Quattro). If I had it to do over, I'd go with the Quattro because it has the built-in ability to design customized stitches and the Ellisimo does not. I want a candlewick stitch something fierce and can't get it on my Ellisimo unless it's in an embroidery design. I'd just like to select it from the built-in stitches and sew it as any other decorative stitch...not happenin' with the Ellisimo.

My only caution, based on my experience, is to sit down with the machine and watch it embroider out a design of your choosing. Make sure you're thrilled with the stitch quality using the threads you like to use, not what the dealer uses.

...I really do want to love my Ellisimo...honest!

Sep 07, 2012
Comparison Elliago and Ellisimo
by: Trish

I would like feedback on the two machines. I purchased the Elliago several years ago and I would like feed back on the new Ellismo.

Is there a big difference and is it user friendly?
Are there more features etc, etc?

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much


P.S. I will find this page to see comments. This is my first time on this site.

May 24, 2012
Great machine
by: Georgia

Today I tried using the free motion function on my Ellisimo and it was great. Slower than using a long arm, but it did a great job. This is a wonderful sewing machine!

Apr 25, 2012
Great machine!
by: Sharon

I have to agree... I've owned (and do own) TOL machines by all the major brands and am most impressed with this one. I use it for sewing, quilting, embroidery and love it! I think the feet by some of the other brands are better but that's the only negative, and for me it's a small one...

Aug 02, 2011
by: Judy

I have only had my machine for 1 month and I absolutely love it. It is so user friendly and a pleasure to sew on.

I traded a Bernina 830 - top of the line - for the Ellisimo. The Bernina was giving me too many problems. Even though I lost money on the deal, I can truly say this was a good move. Love, Love, Love it! I am in the process of taking the lessons and they are really good also. What a truly great machine. I am enjoying sewing again after struggling with the Bernina 830.

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