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Baby Lock Jazz

by Linda
(Donalds, SC USA)

I was really excited to get this machine. When I started to use it my excitement went downhill.

When doing quilting you can never get the tension correct. It will be fine then knot up on the back.

Now it is back in the shop due to jamming. I spend more time getting it to work verses sewing.

When it works I love it but that is few and far between. I wish Baby Lock would get a fix or allow a trade in.

So very disappointed.

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Sep 05, 2023
Jan. 17, 2021 Poster - Wipe Away Those Tears
by: Anonymous

God bless you for taking the time to figure this out and then for sharing with the rest of us. Had you not done this, I, too, would probably be unhappy with my machine. I followed your suggestions and everything seems to be working fine - so far. Since I just set up my Jazz II, I still have a lot of experimenting and learning to do, but for those who are wondering, my last purchase also did a very poor job with the thread tension for FMQ. I had eyelashes all over the place and was so disappointed. Feel free to share your genius anytime!!

May 03, 2023
Jazz 2
by: Norm Christensen

My wife has been quilting for years and wanted to try free motion. She bought a cutting frame and a Jazz 2. This was a year ago.

She has yet to get this piece of crap sewing properly. She has tried everything that the company and the websites have said to make it work right.

Not only that, she tried to trade it back in but SMP wouldn't deal with her.

She's about to use it for a boat anchor and forget it.

Jan 02, 2023
by: Sandy

I have had the Jazz II for over a year.

I can thread it 10 times without an issue and then thread it over and over again before it will stitch correctly. Sounds like it wants to pull the bobbin through the plastic lid. Sometimes makes no noise but stitches with giant loops on the underside. Then after rethreading things SEVERAL times it goes back to B perfect stitching.

I have never been so frustrated with a sewing machine.

Aug 09, 2022
Needle up down
by: Anonymous

I have had my Jazz II for just over a year, I wouldn't say I am extremely happy with the machine. I've made do with it. I posted once before when the machine just wouldn't work. I had just inserted the arm for using the knee pedal, I had removed it and that is when issues happened. I reinserted it and removed again, and woolah machine worked again.

Still deal with tension, almost always set at 9, yes 9!

I also found that having feed dogs up was a benefit when free motion quilting.

HOWEVER, take note that the feed dogs do not always immediately stop when you take your foot off the pedal, which then tends to pull the bottom thread to the top. I have completed several tops successfully.

Aug 08, 2022
Broken after 2 days
by: Anonymous

I just got the Jazz2 and it was sewing very nicely, no problems with tension or anything.
However, after using it for 2 days I sat down to sew and when I pressed the foot petal is just makes a whirring noise but doesn’t sew. It ask makes a double beep noise. This also happens when I press the needle up/down button.
But when I manually move the needle with the hand wheel everything seems smooth.
I rethreaded the top and the bobbin and removed any lint I could see.
I’m not sure what to do now.

Apr 14, 2022
Opposite problem
by: Karen D

I just bought my Jazz II. I never have tension problems….knock on wood. My issue is using a ruler foot with this machine.

I am using a generic ruler foot, and it does great sewing from left to right and upper left to bottom right. Terrible thread shredding and skipped stitches going the opposite direction.

I have ordered a high-priced official BabyLock ruler foot, and this is the last resort for me and this machine.

However, to be fair, when I use the darning/free motion foot I have NO PROBLEMS???

I’m using 90/14 topstitch needle and glide thread.

Anyone else out there using a ruler foot? What settings are you using?
HELP….not sure if my dealer will take this back.

Oct 25, 2021
NIGHTMARE of a Machine
by: Susan Kennedy

After sewing what seems like all my life I'm being treated as if I don't know anything while trying to get this horrible machine to stitch properly.

I have spent hours on it and I still would take great satisfaction taking a sledgehammer to it if it were not for the cost. The "tech" at the place I bought it said it came from the factory with incorrect settings and he fixed it.

NOPE, it's still as bad as it was before, the tension is a nightmare, and the stitches when straight stitching are uneven, and boy do I have railroad tracks on the back.

I would never go to the trouble to make a quilt and use this horrible machine to quilt it, NEVER.

Sep 25, 2021
by: Anonymous

So what is the fix for tension issues…mentioned that a gentleman gave help but no info on that fix or how to reach the "gentleman".

From the Editor:

The information he provided is in the comments below dated January 17, 2021.

~ Julie

Aug 28, 2021
Feed Dog problems
by: Debbi

I've had the Jazz II for a little over a year and have really enjoyed quilting with it. Until now.

I put the feed dogs down to do some quilting and then decided to put them back up after reading some comments and they won't go back up! When I move the switch over nothing happens and they just stay down. Very frustrating.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

From the Editor:


I'm a Viking and Juki gal, but I know that on at least one of my machines that the feed dogs don't actually come back up until I start to sew.

Is it possible that your machine is the same way?

I hope it's that simple a fix for you.



May 20, 2021
Needle up/down
by: Anonymous

First of all, let me say it is truly unfair to the smaller dealers that they do not warrant support. I purchased a Jazz II online because my local small town dealer had been waiting for a shipment for over 6 months!! Yet the bigger dealers get them in regularly and have many on hand.

Second, I have had it for less the 2 months and now needle up/down and also needle position. High/low buttons no longer work.

Contacted Baby Lock, was basically told that warranty is through dealer/retailer and that I would have to contact the dealer/retailer I purchased from in order to get warranty work. So because they don't support the small guys by actually filling their orders, it appears that I will need to ship my machine to WA to one of the BIG dealers who happened to have it in stock when I was looking.

The only thing good I can say about Baby Lock is that someone called me within minutes of contacting them via their website. She was supposedly quote, unquote a trouble shooter, but she wasn't a technician how then could she be a trouble shooter!!

I also have tension issues that I deal with but have been able to make adjustments for those.

Looking at contacting an attorney general's office for my state.

Very frustrated.

Mar 16, 2021
by: Caley

The gentleman who provided the fix for tension problems helped me hopefully fix mine.

I actually had to go inside and adjust the tension wheel a bit. Still have to set the tension at
8 1/2 and have the feed dogs up, but no more top thread peeking through the bottom.


From the Editor: He was terrific, wasn't he?!!! Thank you for letting him know.

I appreciate you took some time away from your own quilting to do so. Quilters helping quilters—it's a wonderful thing!

~ Julie

Mar 05, 2021
Babylock Jazz
by: Geneva

DO the tips listed apply to the first Jazz as well? I am having a difficult time FMQ and I have it setting on a quilt frame.

Jan 27, 2021
Sad with jazz 2
by: Annied01ca

Bought myself the Babylock jazz 2 as a retirement present and after one day testing it out in scraps I’m heartbroken.

With taxes in Canada, this machine was over $1000 and so far I can’t do anything with the tension.

Jan 17, 2021
Wow! More Tears
by: Anonymous

In my lengthy post of solutions, I must add that this machine is likely on continuous sale due to these tension issues. Once you grapple with the points I made in the solutions post, for the price it is actually a pretty good machine. But that is only if you are willing to deal with its idiosyncrasies.

Happy Quilting!

Jan 17, 2021
Wping away those tears now - JAZZ II Tension Problems Solutions
by: Anonymous

My 15 cents worth:
After Extensive testing a trying to make the Jazz II work, I was finally able to get pretty good results. While this is truly unacceptable regarding a brand-new machine, I nonetheless decided for the good of every JAZZ II owner I needed to dig deep and find solutions for those who are stuck with the machine.

First key items:
1) Do NOT use any thread heavier than #40 and #50 is preferred.

2) Use a heavier needle, 16 will work much better that 12

3) Make sure to tug and the thread after threading machine while the pressure foot is UP, and then lower the foot while pulling the upper thread. This is to make sure you are deep into the tension pressure plates.

4) It does NOT matter which side of the tension area plate you are on, that is to separate when using a dual stitch needle.

5)The JAZZ II we bought does free-motion pretty good when the feed-dogs are UP and we use the free-motion foot. However, when the feed-dogs are DOWN it works HORRIBLY. This is backwards but true.

6) Set the tension up as high as needed. WE maxed it past nine. ALSO, if you are adventurous you can remover the top, 5 small screw and 2 large screws. Remove the screws and place in dish BEFORE removing top or you will likely drop some into machine (very bad choice). jiggle top gently and lift right side up first and gently rotate back side forward when at strong angle. DO NOT FORCE gentle.

Once the top is open there is a thumb wheel to the left of the tension dial. To increase the tension, screw the thumb wheel out a bit. If you move the numbers tension dial on the front of the machine you can see how much the tension moves when adjusting, this will tell you rough how far out to unscrew the thumb wheel. Careful not to go too far because you can actually screw it out of its threads.

7) The last thing I did that gave me perfect stitches during free motion was to take 2 or three played cards thick and tape them to the machine bead 3 cards just left of the feed dogs 1/8 inch away. And then another three thick following the angle of the free-motion pressure foot about 1/8 away from the foot.

8) If your bobbin tension is too loose or too tight you can easily adjust it by removing the plate (2 screws) and then jiggle out the bobbin case and adjust only the tiny slotted screw (no more than 1/4 turn at a time. and 1/8 might be better. REMEMBER which way you turned it so that you can go back. Bobbin tension should hold bobbin in place when it is hanging on the thread, and if you jiggle it then it should pull thread out while hanging. (tough to do with this bobbin case because the bobbin falls out when you try to jiggle the thread.)

After having done all of the above I did have perfect results. HOWEVER, the 4 things that made the key difference are as follows:
1) #50 Thread (quality thread)
2) 14 or 16 size needles (no smaller)
3) Don't be afraid to increase tension all the way
4) Feed-dogs UP with free-motion foot on.
Judging from the many tension complaints I read online those 4 points would solve most quilters’ problems.

The other items I mentioned can help. This machine has apparent design or factory adjustment issues regarding tension. No machine should be this difficult. I am a design engineer and my wife is a 30 years quilter. She wanted to return the machine, but for me it was a mission to find out why the machine doesn’t work (There is no truly good answer to that by the way.)
Besides the 4 key points mentioned, my experience was that when the feed dogs push the material up that tiny amount and press against the free-motion foot it makes the helps to balance the tension to give a better stitch, backwards having the feed-dogs up? YES! But it works very well.

We also noticed when using Warm and Natural (or whatever it is called) batting, that if the batting was doubled in thickness, then it seemed to work with the feed-dogs down. This is why we tried sewing with the feed-dogs up, because it has the same general effect on the material.
I do sincerely hope that some of you poor souls who purchased one of these JAZZ-II units can find some of these tips helpful and actually succeed with free-motion quilting on the machine.
Blessings of joyous quilting!

Jan 09, 2021
Wow! More Tears
by: Anonymous

On brand new Babylock Jazz II, we just played with the stitch length and needle left-right dials and now it won't lay down anything resembling a stitch. Thread is coming out of the back about 1/2 inch (Yes I said 1/2 inch).

Most of the reviews that I have seen on this unit are negative, but there are always those that after they figure the machine out they say they love it. At this point, I am not sold on its benefits because at this point it is a piece of scrap plastic, HOWEVER, until I speak to one of the technicians I will suspend final judgment.

To others experiencing this same nightmare I suggest paying very close attention to the stick length and needle left-right settings, read the manual, and play with the feed dogs up and down. But so far we cannot free-motion on this unit, if the technician cannot solve the problem it is getting returned.

While this machine appears to frequently be on sale for around $700 it seems to be a good price. However, if you are serious about quilting, I would direct you to Pfaff or another of the more pricey brands.

NO SEWING MACHINE EVER should be this difficult off the shelf, and I would assume we have a lemon, but with so many bad reviews I believe it is the unit's design.

The probability is high that we are all missing something with the settings and maybe the order in which we make such changes.... but what???

For the sake of the sanity of others who might come upon this Babylock JazzII list of pain and anguish, if you have a solution please post it.

Thus far, this machine is a nightmare, did I say nightmare? I meant NIGHTMARE!!!

But still need to speak to a technician.

Jan 09, 2021
Wow! Tears
by: Anonymous

Bought Jazz II for my wife for Christmas 2020. She had mentioned it to me a while back and it seemed like a great unit to get her. 30 years of quilting with 14 of those on a Pfaff Grand Quilter. So far the unit has been a nightmare, but I currently contacting tech support as I type this.... (it's the weekend) they should get back on Monday, but the lady I spoke to mentioned something about putting it on #4 when doing free motion and mentioned something about the needle moving sideways. I must go tinker with it now and try different stitch settings.

Please note that we did adjust the bobbin tension. The JazzII bobbin comes out easily no force needed, just jiggle it a bit and push it to your left. There is a very tiny STRAIGHT SLOT screw turn it 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn each time you make an adjustment. This helped a great deal the stitches better, but they still lack a great deal.

Nov 20, 2020
Worst machine ever
by: Anonymous

Horrible waste of money. I bought the Jazz for quilting. I thought it was such a deal. I thought I would be able to free motion quilt and also do decorative stitches.

This machine shook like crazy, sounded like a train, wouldn't sew over thick seams, thread would catch in the uptake, tension was a nightmare, broken needles, shredded threads.

I had it in and out of the dealers weekly.

I fought it for 8 months. Fought with Baby Lock; they let me trade it for a Katherine. I bought a Juki for free motion quilting.

This machine deserves a class action lawsuit.

Oct 31, 2020
Jazz 2 issues
by: Roberta

I have had my Jazz 2 for about 6 months. It worked fairly well for stitching a quilt.

But then I made a rag rug using a wide zigzag. And it has been a nightmare ever since.

Multiple skipped stitches, top thread breaking, tension crazy...even on straight stitching. And zig-zag is impossible..... Aargh.

I thought they had fixed their issues when they put out the 2.

Sep 15, 2020
Zombie sewing Jazz II
by: Anonymous

Bought my Babylock Jazz II in April 2019. I left for vacation for a month. When I came home, it worked fine for about two weeks. Then it started "zombie" sewing. It would just sew all by itself, with me standing clear across the room. I sent it back for repair. The shop could not recreate the problem, as it worked for them. So they sent it back. I'm working on my first quilt top since I got it back, and it has started doing it again.

I am so frustrated. I was really looking forward to having the larger harp. Now I am just completely fed up with Babylock.

Aug 10, 2020
Worst machine I own
by: Anonymous

I bought the Jazz because I was excited about the quilting space it offered.

It’s the worst machine I ever owned!!

I am threading and picking out butcher up thread from the back. Tension changes on it own. I can’t sew with quality results now, fabric butches up or slides and the part that it can sew thru thicknesses isn’t true. This machine Is such a disappointment I find myself looking for excuses not to sew. There should be a recall on this!!!!!!!!

The dealers won’t take a return!

Jul 28, 2020
What a disappointment!
by: Joshua H.

I agree: I was so excited when I bought mine in May 2019, and it worked great for two weeks. Then mine started "zombie" sewing: it would keep stitching after I lifted my foot from the pedal because there was some problem with the needle up-down sensor.

And, of course, there were the totally random tension problems which would suddenly cause it to jam. It was in and out of the shop until the shop sent it back to BabyLock and I received a brand new Jazz II that immediately had the same problem. I was just going to try to return it when the dealer I bought it from suddenly went out of business, and before I could work up the gumption to find a new shop to take it to the COVID lockdown started.

Now I've basically given up on quilting and turned back to embroidery. "For the love of sewing" is BabyLock's slogan, but they've singlehandedly taken my love of sewing away!

Jul 01, 2020
Free motion issues on a frame
by: Beth

I bought a Jazz used with a frame for free motion quilting. I can get the machine to do free motion if the machine is NOT on the frame. But if I put it on the frame it breaks needles, skips stitches, and rats nests.........Grrr.

I took it to a shop to have it looked at. The repairman played with it, it worked perfectly for him so he said, "nothings wrong with it, take it home, happy sewing".

I put it back on the frame, skipped stitches, breaking needles........I'm so frustrated. I have a dozen tops to finish. I may have to sell this machine and try to get some of my money back. It sews fine, but not on my frame.

Makes no sense.

Jun 21, 2020
Jazz II

I purchased a new Jazz II in Dec. 2029. Have had nothing but trouble with it even after taking it back to the dealer.
Keeps breaking thread, skipping stitches, and making nests under when it looks like it is fine on top. Tried changing thread (technician told me no Coats), new and heavier needles, adjusting tension but nothing works.

It will sew a straight stitch better, but forget free motion.

They need to recall these machines!!!

Apr 16, 2020
by: KellyB

I was so looking forward to the throat on the jazz, but wow what an awful disappointment. BL did us wrong by promoting speed & space but I need an automatic backstitch for the portrait quilts I do.

My "old" BL Esante never fails me but I need more space. I went from a Cadillac to a bicycle when I bought the Jazz.

From the Editor:

Kelly, I feel so bad for you. It truly sucks to realize that the machine just isn't up to your needs.


Apr 03, 2020
Need to retrieve broken needle
by: Anonymous

When my needle broke, the main portion fell into the machine. I don't want to try sewing with this floating around. The clerks at fabric store weren't helpful. There's no way I'm going to pay for servicing the machine for such a simple issue.

I was able to take off the plate and remove the bobbin, but can't see the needle or shake it out. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to remove the base. I've taken out an assortment of screws here and there, but am afraid of doing some damage.

It requires short, angled screw drivers to access several parts of the machine.

Any ideas??

Feb 26, 2020
Very aggravated
by: Anonymous

I was so looking forward to having more throat space for quilting projects - I had been working on a Husq-Viking Emerald machine, which has very limited space. I even got my sewing table adapted to fit the Jazz.

During the sewing part of the project, no major problems, even though the stitch quality was not as good as the HV. But when I got to the free motion quilting part of the project, it was a nightmare! Could not get the tension correct, skipped stitches, breaking thread and 3 broken needles in 2 days! Took it into the dealer and they said it just takes time to get the feel & speed right for free motion quilting on a new machine. And that I should use a better thread...tried a different thread but still cannot get the tension right. It seems to do better with embroidery thread than with cotton. I spent more time fighting with the machine and "undoing" stitches than actually quilting.

Finally had to go back to the HV to finish the project.

It was such a relief to just sit down & stitch away with no problems! Wish I had read these comments before buying the Jazz. Think I will trade it in for another HV or Janome. The Jazz is just not usable for free motion quilting.

Jan 05, 2020
Jazz 1
by: Anonymous

It was a love-hate relationship.

I got a Juki in November. Best thing I ever did. I have owned several Baby Lock machines have loved them all. My Baby Lock serger is from 1994 and still works great.

I did more crying over the Jazz then I have over any of my other machines. Shortly after I got it I took it in to get serviced and was told it had a bent needle bar. Not sure how a quilting machine gets a bent needle bar. But even after that it still was not a great machine.

Glad I'm not the only one.

Oct 28, 2019
Just took my Jazz II to the shop
by: Anonymous

I'm happy to hear that others are having the same problems that I have had with this machine! When I dropped it off at the store on Saturday and explained the issues that I was having..."huh, I've never heard of anyone having an issue with this machine"
The up/down button on my machine has never worked. Just goes down and up, won't go down and stay down.
Mine will also randomly keep on going after I disengage my foot from the pedal. It's so random that it probably won't happen at all while in the shop, so it's a problem that I will most likely have to live with.
I'm new to free motion quilting and not good at it at all. I thought it was my lack of experience that caused skipped stitches when doing loops or curves. That never happens on my Brother, so I just assumed it was me on a new machine.
Because the place that I bought mine doesn't have an in-store shop, I probably won't be seeing it back for a couple of months.

Oct 27, 2019
So frustrated
by: Jane

I have a Babylock Ellisimo Gold, which I LOVE. It was in the shop so I played in a Jazz. I wound up taking it home while my machine was worked on. I do a ton of fm quilting and thought the throat would be just what I needed. I used it on a very small project and was so disappointed. Got my Ellisimo back and finished the project. In the meantime, the store owner ran my card for the full retail price. I had the machine for a week.! Oh well I decided to keep it and give it a go.
I break more needles! The thread shreds all the time, like every 10" of quilting. I’m working on a wall hanging for a client and have gone through 3 needles so far. The thread shredding is also wearing me out! I’m ready the trade it in for something with a thread cutter, needle up/down and large throat. I’m not looking for another computerized embroidery machine. I just want a plain Jane that I can fm quilt on all day without all the needle/thread breakages!!!!

Oct 25, 2019
Chronic Problems
by: Lisa L

Im having the exact problems with the needle not stopping, thread tension issues while quilting, and breaking needles. Havent had my machine for 30 days yet and its been nothing but problems. It wont hold a stitch length either. Was hoping to exchange it but after reading these other posts, now Im hoping for a refund. Babylock told me its up to the retailer. No warranty comes with this machine. Im very unhappy.

Oct 18, 2019
Love-Hate relationship with my Jazz 2
by: Anonymous

When I first purchased my machine I was in awe! It has everything I ever wanted in a machine. I was almost ready to get rid of most of my older machines. This machine could help me accomplish great things with my job that my other machines can't.

Then the terrible started.

I threw out the timing. Fortunately, the dealer repaired for free, since the machine was brand new. When the machine was in the shop for timing issues, they found an LED light not working and said they would order the part and let me know when it was in.

When it arrived I finished one of my projects but I had a couple of big sewing projects I was about to start and thought I should take it in and have it replaced, since it was going to be a 15-minute repair.

Well, bad luck, when they took it apart to repair, the repairman found, due to some shoddy soldering on the needle button caused a problem and the machine stopped working. The machine was down while parts were ordered and could arrive. The parts needed ended up being on backorder.

After asking if there was a loaner I could borrow, because of my projects, job related, they agreed to rent me the older version Jazz. Which was very kind of them but still irritating to have to rent. They rented me a used Jazz 1. It was was a great machine, other than it has ultra Sonic speed too.

It ended up taking over a month before they were able to repair my machine.

Now I am discovering a few things that are irritating me with my Jazz 2.

1. It will not go on slow speed. It is great to have a machine that can sew at does lightening but, there are projects that I need to be able to go in slow-mo.

I am having to sew several stitches by turning the wheel; this is time-consuming and quite a workout.

2. When I take my foot off the pedal it keeps on sewing sometimes up to 10 more stitches...Not good when trying to sew something that takes precision.
The up-down needle button doesn't always just go up or down sometimes it goes up-down-up. I was trying to use this button to compensate for the super speed...when I needed just a couple stitches slow.

3. When reversing in decorative stitching it does not do that stitch reverse it does a zig-zag.

4. I am very irritated with needles breaking. I have learned much about what I was doing that is causing the needles to break but it is going beyond my human error. It shouldn't have to be that hard to get everything perfect to prevent the needle from breaking (fortunately I buy my needles in bulk and they are quality needles so that is not the problem)...I think part of the problem is the position the needle is in it is not getting enough clearance forward...

What I love about the machine is the amount of room I have to do my projects it makes moving around the fabric much easier.

I don't know if I just have a lemon or if anyone else is experiencing these problems.

I did ask the dealer if he could talk to the company and see if it can be geared down or a foot pedal that would help for slower speeds.

I have to make it through my 2 big projects before I take it in. I am going to ask if he can reposition the needle back a little so it isn't so close to the plate in some stitches... that is where I am getting the needle breaking...

What I love about this machine:

1. It is heavy and doesn't slide around, like other machines, as I am sewing.

2. You can adjust the needle any position left or right...for straight stitching

3. The 12 inch throat spacing

4. The reverse button is an excellent size. One better would be to be able to lock in reverse for several stitches.

5. The LED lighting. With my other machines I have had to add a flex light to machine to give adequate lighting.

6. When I first got machine, it sewed through several layers like they were butter. But now it has started breaking/shattering needles.

7. It is mostly mechanical without the digital stuff I don't need.

Oct 08, 2019
not yet open the box
by: Anonymous

Hi ladies,
What Jazz sewing machine do you have? I just bought the Jazz II. I have heard that Jazz I had lots of troubles and not having needle up-down. So, Jazz II now has an up-down button and other problems have been rectified. You all make me nervous about the machine I just brought home. Tomorrow, I will test drive it and if not working well, I will return it to the shop.

I did try on the Jazz I when I was at the shop on Saturday, It worked perfectly when tried on different decorative stitches. The reverse function was fine as well. The stitch patterns looked perfectly fine, top and bottom. The knee lever was lovely. The shop tried to sell it to me, but I declined because it was a floor model and a Jazz I.

Lovely Ladies, since your machines are mechanical, it is not difficult to fix nor cost a lot to fix. The motor is very primitive. The inside looks like my thirty years old Necchi WWII tank.


Sep 19, 2019
Love my Jazz so far
by: VB

I am a sewer with 55 years experience. I have used Singer and mechanical Bernina. Am attending a class at my dealer's which is free. Some tips he is giving us. Jazz has horizontal thread spool. Cross wound thread is best- prevents jams- he suggests Mettler which is crosswound. I still used coats and clark.

Having used a manual Bernina- I will say the Jazz is more manual than the Bernina Manual. You must make sure the needle is in upmost position when you change stitches for one thing. Also, when you go to start the machine, the metal piece on top which you thread into must be in upmost position to start it correctly and not get rush of speed. I used quilt rulers and sewed a stretch bathing suit and have had good luck so far. I bought it because it was manual and because had a 12 inch throat.

Hope this is helpful.

Sep 03, 2019
Baby Lock Jazz
by: Marilyn

I am so very disappointed with the Jazz. It appears to be broken more than it works.

It skips stitches, jams, and twice now the pedal is not responding. You push the pedal and nothing happens. And it is not the pedal. The shop tried their pedal on it and that wouldn't work either.

It is spending lots of time in the shop.

They "fix" it and it will work for a few minutes before it misbehaves again. I have never had so many problems with a sewing machine like this before. I would never recommend this machine to anyone.

Jul 30, 2019
New owner Jazd
by: Anonymous

Just purchased a Jazz from ebay, I am nervous now.

May 16, 2019
Baby Lock Jazz
by: Doris

Purchased on November 4th of 2018. Wanted a machine with bigger throat and I absolutely hate it...I cannot get a stitch to look decent for nothing...Horrible waste of my money.

Would never purchase another one...wish I had seen reviews beforehand.

Apr 10, 2019
by: julie allen

I have read the reviews and I'm so discouraged. My Jazz is at the dealer being looked at again.

It skips stitches, breaks the thread, breaks the needles when I try to free motion quilt. Then it would break the thread when I tried to wind the bobbin. I have had it over a year but wasn't able to sew for a long time because I was taking care of my mother.

Now that I have time my Jazz is acting up again. I have only quilted a placemat.

An expensive machine to not be able to use it. Not happy at all!

Apr 08, 2019
Baby Lock Jazz disappointment
by: Anonymous

I've had my Jazz for about 8 months. I'm on my second project.

I had some issues with my first one, but it was the first time I did free motion that I figured I just needed to learn more about it. Now I can't complete my second project because it either jams, stitches skip or loop, or the thread breaks. I've done all the adjustments the manual states to "fix" it, but to no avail.

I also find that the pedal is not sensitive to pressure so that when I finally get the machine to start, the speed is too fast to get even stitching initially. Very disappointed in this machine.

I'm taking it back to where I purchased it. Fortunately, they will apply the full purchase price to the purchase of another (but slightly more expensive) machine. Won't be getting a Babylock for quilting.

I do have to say that the Babylock Accord is a very nice machine and have been happy with that model so far.

Mar 04, 2019
Not What I Thought It Would Be
by: Anonymous

I am soooooo disappointed with the Baby Lock Jazz…..I bought it May 2017…..had tons of problems with thread breakage….it didn’t matter what kind of thread I used, I tried many kinds, expensive and cheap, changed needles, I did FMQ and used a walking foot.

I took it in several times and made phone calls too...I took it in for its one year check up, used it once, maybe twice, more thread breakage and it has sat there ever since. I wanted so much for it to work so I could quilt and finish the many quilt tops I have piled up.

Lesson learned, never buy a new model of a machine until all of the "bugs" have been worked out of it!! I do own 2 other Baby Lock machines and love I think this model is a dud....lemon....or whatever you want to call it.

A BIG Disappointment!

Feb 26, 2019
Not reliable
by: PJ

Works great on stitching, but when I try to FMQ it stitches forward, but when I try to do circles or anything that requires going backwards it will not stitch. I have worked at it for hours,
Changed thread, needles, bobbins and I am so disappointed, in the machine. My husband was so happy to buy something I was suppose to do everything on.

If anyone has hany suggestions please let me know.

Jan 16, 2019
Do Not Buy
by: Doris R.

This is my first and last Babylock.

I bought a new Babylock Jazz in July 2018. Got it home and the feed dogs did not disengage when winding the bobbin. Took it to the shop I bought at (6 hours away) they fixed it. I finished a quilt with it then put it away for 2 months.

I used it today and there is a horrible noise coming from it. So now I have to take it to the dealer I bought it from, 6 hours away.

Dec 30, 2018
Jazz comments
by: Leanne

Very, very disappointed with this machine. Snarls and clogs all of the time. I cannot get through one block much less one project. It is going back to the dealer tomorrow to see what I can do. Hopefully Baby Lock will stand by their product and replace it. I won't hold my breath, but that would be the ethical thing to do.

Too many complaints with this product.

Oct 09, 2018
Baby Lock Jazz Frustrations
by: Anonymous

Bought it in Aug 2017. Had problems keeping it threaded. I also had thread break in the path of threading, and could not find it to take out.

Sewed on it for a year, piecing for quilt tops. Took it in for the 1-year servicing. Got it back, it would not sew properly. Top thread was a single line on top, and stitches were visible on the bottom. Took it back where I bought it, they looked at it again.

I got it back again, the same problem.

I took it back again and WAITED for it to get fixed. I wouldn't leave until I could sew on it myself.

So now it is October.

Just got done making a tote bag. Used 1/4" foot for piecing, then the walking foot for Stitch in the Ditch, and edge stitching. All stitches were fine.

Today, I sew on it, and the top thread looks like a single line, bottom thread stitches are fine. So tomorrow I am taking it to a local sewing machine repair shop and to HECK with the Baby Lock retailer.

Crappy machine. Paid 900.00 for it. NOT worth it. Going to use my 15 yr old Brother machine. Which works like a charm.

Dec 28, 2017
Baby Lock Jazz :(
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Jazz in November 2017. Opened it and was so excited to sew on it.

It took me 15 minutes just to fill the bobbin. The thread kept breaking and I finally had to hold the thread to get it to fill without breaking.

I threaded the machine and was ready to sew. The machine sounded like a freight train, so noisy. I did two rows of a 9-patch and started on the third row. Half way into the first two square my thread broke and flew up inside the machine and I couldn't find it. I thought I'd try pulling it back (a big no-no and seldom done) and it wouldn't move. This was 30 minutes into using it for the first time.

I was so frustrated that I packaged it back up, called the store I purchased it from (55 miles away) and took it back for a full refund.

Baby Lock has a lot of work to do on that machine before it will be worth keeping.

Aug 02, 2017
by: Barbara

Sorry you are having trouble with your machine. I hope they can get it working for you soon.

I know each machine has it's own personality and you have to learn to play with them to get the tensions right and what threads they like. My machine loves Superior Bottom Line on the bobbin and So Fine on the top and adjusting the tension to 3.5- it took a lot of sampling different brands and threads to get the right look.

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