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America The Beautiful in Flags

by Toogie Clark

America the Beautiful in Flags for Rocky

America the Beautiful in Flags for Rocky

I belong to Quilts of Valor and wanted to make my cousin who was a Navy Veteran, a quilt. He had seen some of my quilts and I thought he really liked the panel ones. I was given this panel, but I wanted to come up with my own design to make it extra special, for Rocky.

You see Rocky had just been diagnosed with cancer. I pieced it in no time and decided to quilt it too because Rocky was running out of time. I told Rocky the date of the presentation ceremony and he planned to go. About a week before he texted me and said he didn't think he could make it. Treatment had really zapped his strength.

I told him no problem and hoped he'd feel better soon. When he did, I'd bring him his quilt.

Well, the day came for the presentation and I texted him saying, I just wanted to remind you about the presentation today and the time, if you're feeling up to coming, come on. He texted me back and said, he thought the ceremony was the week before! He said, I'm feeling better today so I'm coming!.....

This was the last day I saw Rocky. I still have his last text to me on my phone. He said, "You sure make beautiful quilts!"

Rest in Peace our brave Veteran!


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May 14, 2023
Quilt for Rocky
by: Colleen

Beautiful quilt! How sad that Rocky didn't get to enjoy it longer😥 How sweet that you made it for him❤️ God rest his soul🙏

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