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A Bed of Roses

by Kathleen
(Andover, MN)

I made this quilt for my daughter's wedding shower. It is a whole cloth quilt with the design quilted by hand. It is queen size. The pattern was purchased from M&L Designs many years ago.

As a retired English teacher I also wrote an Elizabethan sonnet to go with the quilt. (If you are a little rusty on sonnet form, an Elizabethan sonnet is 14 lines of iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg.)

Sonnet for a Wedding Quilt

A gift of love and hope as you are wed
For two whose lives entwine to be as one.
A quilt of roses for your wedding bed,
A family and a legacy begun.

The overall design is shown by light,
The contrast seen between the high and low.
So days will be, some dark and others bright
And both will help your love and marriage grow.

Just as each act of love and tender kiss
Will be compounded to create your love,
Each stitch creates a wish for wedded bliss,
Hopes shared by family here and those above.

This quilt, made by the hands that rocked the bride,
Is made for wife and husband, side by side.

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Aug 05, 2020
by: Anonymous

This is the second one I've seen today that brought tears to my eyes, from this webpage. The same hands that rocked the bride. That is so beautiful.

What beautiful thoughts we can have while we are quilting our love into a quilt!

Oct 28, 2019
A Gift to be Treasured
by: SueJean

Most quilts come with a story, but what a treat to receive a "quilt with it's own sonnet". This is definitely one to be passed on for many generations. You've got quite the talent there! Thanks for sharing!

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