The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting is...

The Results are In!

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Have you completed the "Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Survey"?

This questionnaire helps provide quilters just like you with information on what it takes to have the best quilting/sewing machine.

If you haven't already, please take a minute to complete the Sewing Machine Survey and come back to view the results.

The results shown are as of January 7, 2023. Your responses will be included in the next update.

Since we started, several changes to the questions have been made in response to suggestions from you, our readers.

If you'd like to retake it, just send me a note through our Contact Form, and I'll make sure your most recent answers are the ones counted.

Thank you for participating! Your fellow quilters appreciate your input!

Our Readers Say...

I use my machine for*...

Quilting 84%
Sewing 16%
Embroidery     9%
Home Dec 5%
Other 2%

*You could choose more than one.

My favorite sewing machine is a...

Babylock 4%
Bernina 36%
Brother 1%
Elna 0%
Featherweight (Singer) 1%
Janome 17%
Juki 2%
Kenmore 1%
New Home 0%
Pfaff 12%
Singer (not Featherwieght)     4%
Viking 20%
White 0%
Other 2%

Is it an embroidery model?

Yes     84%
No 16%

If you have the embroidery unit do you use it?

Yes 62%
No 21%
Not enough to justify its purpose     17%

What features are a ‘MUST HAVE’ for quilting on your sewing machine?*

Good Straight stitch 92%
Zigzag and/or blind hem stitches 73%
Tension adjustments are easy 86%
Feed dogs are easy to lower for quilting 80%
Needle-up and Needle-down control 83%
Pivot Function or Knee Lift 77%
Variable speed motor control 52%
Single stitch/straight stitch throat plate     63%
Large arm/throat space 52%
Stitch regulator 19%
Decorative stitches 44%

*You could choose more than one.

There are three features not on the list that came up repeatedly with our quilting survey participants. They are:

  • The machine must be quiet, quiet, quiet!
  • Good light
  • An automatic thread cutter

Was the sewing machine dealer a factor in your decision?

Yes 69%
No 22%
I did not buy from a dealer     9%

What This All Means

While we're not about to crown the single best sewing machine for quilting, it is interesting to note what are the most popular manufacturers among quilters for quilting.

You should test drive ALL the sewing machines you're interested in before making your purchase.

Take the time to prepare a practice quilt sandwich if you'll be machine quilting.

YOU are the only one that counts in this decision! Not what your friends think. Not what the dealer tries to tell you.

This one is ALL ABOUT YOU!

The survey results are updated every four to six weeks.

With our current results in hand contributed by quilters just like you, we feel you'll have a better chance to find the Best Sewing Machine for Quilting for YOU.

And finally, check out the sewing machine reviews submitted by our readers before making your final decision.

It'll help you know the right questions to ask at the sewing machine store.

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