Delaware Quilt Guilds

Delaware quilt guild listings

The Delaware Quilt Guilds on this page are displayed alphabetically by town.

Meeting days and times are not listed. On purpose. They can change periodically due to changes in the venue's availability--my local guild's meetings are usually moved around the holidays because we meet at a church.

Contact the guild to make sure they're meeting when you plan to go. It's a good thing!

If your guild isn't listed here, please do take a minute and add it. I appreciate your help. Thank you!


Add a Guild to the List

Click here to add a quilt guild to the list.

It's quick and simple!

To add your guild's information, use the "Add a Quilt Guild" button.

If your guild is not listed, or it is and needs to be updated, please use the same button.

All four fields in the form must be completed in order to submit the information for publication.

Meeting day and time are not included on purpose

Either can change for a number of reasons including holidays, time of year or there was a scheduling conflict for the meeting location.

I prefer that your prospective new members contact someone from the guild to get the correct information for the meeting they plan to attend.

That way everybody's happy!

Delaware Quilt Guilds

Helping Hands Quilt Guild

Delaware Modern Quilt Guild

Ocean Waves Quilt Guild

Ladybug Quilt Guild

If you know of a Delaware guild that isn't listed, please refer them to our Quilt Guild Submission Form to create their free listing.

Thank you for your help!

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