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"Stretchy" Quilt (no I didn't make it)

by Lorellyn
(Boise, ID)

I bought this quilt second hand. It includes many VERY STRETCHY velour pieces as well as several other "unsuitable for quilting" blocks. It has no tags and I'm guessing it was made in China. (Sorry the lighting is so poor and I didn't even clear off the counter behind it before snapping the picture.)

None of the pieces seem to be interfaced! It is soft and comfortable with a cheap cotton fabric on the back and has a high loft (probably poly) batting. It's quilting looks like a very loose hand made running stitch but is probably done by machine using some kind of basting stitch.

If you, like I, have a lot of "unsuitable" for quilting fabrics, please contact me with your ideas. I'm sure stretchy fabrics have much to offer IF we can figure out how to use them in our quilts without pulling our hair out!

Maybe it's time we took stretch velour and cotton knits, etc off our "can't do" list!?! This quilt is proof enough for me!

Thoughts anyone?

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May 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

Try using a lightweight iron-on no woven interfacing to stabilize the velour. I kept my Grandma's embroidered fleece sweatshirts to do the same thing. Her favourite colours of jewel tone purples, emeralds and navy will make a treasured heirloom, too.

Best wishes with your design.

Apr 09, 2016
Velour Quilt
by: Ginny

I'm about to attempt a velour quilt for my daughter's wedding present. The velour is harvested from my mother's wardrobe. She passed several years ago and I wanted a way to represent her at her granddaughters wedding so I saved those clothes these past years just for this purpose.

I'm looking for any tips or tricks to help me work with this fabric. So please share your wisdom so I can make this an extra special day for my daughter.

You can reach me at

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