Volume 1, Issue 3
August, 2010

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Quilters make the Best Friends!

My house bright and early on the morning I turned the big 5-0!

No. Those aren't beautifully colored songbirds in the tree, on the bush, in the flowers and...EGAD!...strung from the lights.

Yes. Those are BRAS. 50 of the most snazzy looking undergarments you'd ever set eyes on...from my bosom buddies in my quilting bee, Loose Threads. (Somehow the name seems even more appropriate now!)

Absolutely! They did it proudly. In the light of day. For all to see.

YES! They did laugh their butts off while doing it.

No bras were harmed during the execution of this birthday stunt. They came from daughters, sisters, Goodwill, and perhaps even off their own bodies to build up to the coveted number of 50.

Sheesh! I had wondered how to explain the size of my fabric stash. How ever will I explain the size of my BRA stash? Maybe there's a quilt in all of this?

May your next birthday be as uplifting!



Electric Quilt Expands Online Demos for EQ7

With the shipping of EQ7, Electric quilt is updating their videos supporting this software. You'll find them under "EQ7 Demo Videos". Enjoy!


Free Online Fabric Calculator

Surfing the 'net the other day I came across this nice little online fabric calculator.

The hardest thing about using it is remembering to choose the shape you're cutting and then click the "Finished Dimensions" or "Cut Dimensions" radio button. There's a handy measurement conversion chart. All the results are given in decimals, not fractions. So if something should be cut 1-7/8 inches, the program will show 1.875 inches.

And yes, you can do this with graph paper, but I just turned 50 and any easy way to double check my calculations is a good thing! Don't you think?


Our Interview with Linda Franz

You've read about Inklingo in the last two issues. Now, I am proud to annouce that my interview with Linda Franz...author, designer, award winning quilter and creator of Inklingo...is now live on our website! Use the links below to read our 4-part interview.

Who would you like to see interviewed next. We appreciate your suggestions.


For Quilters, By Quilters

We value your thoughts and opinions about all things quilting. To that end, we are developing a number of pages to provide you with the opportunity to let us know what you think. Four such pages roll out this month. They are...

  • Your Sewing Machine Reviews: Write a review of your own sewing machine. Love it? Or hate it? Tell us about your experiences using your sewing machine for quilting.
  • Quilt Guilds: We are in the beginning stages of developing a 'Quilt Guilds' Directory. Do you belong to a guild? Help us help other quilters by listing your guild with us. It's free. It's easy. And it can help bring new members and visitors to your quilt guild and show.
  • Quilt Games and Other Activities for Guilds: Do you know of some fun guild activities? Guilds are always on the lookout for games, puzzles and easy but entertaining meeting ideas. Share yours here!
  • And last, but not least, we are also beginning our brand new 'Quilt Shop Directory'. If you have a favorite quilt shop, let them know about this opportunity to list their store. Again, it's free and it's easy. Or, if you'd prefer, drop us a quick note through the Contact Us form and let us know a bit about the store and we'll do the rest.

STASH Talk Back!

This newsletter is for YOU. So your input is very important to us!

If you have comments, ideas or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Suggestions for topics to cover or general questions. We're all ears. Please Contact Us and tell us what you think!

For questions about quilting, you can ask them in our Machine Quilting Forum. Machine applique questions are answered at Machine Applique Questions...Answered.

Update: Share Your Quilts

Have you seen the fabulous quilts contributed by quilters just like you? If you love beautiful quilts, you are in for a treat!

To everyone who has contributed since our last issue

If you have a quilt to share, add it to our Share Your Quilt page. It's easy to do and fun to see your own quilt, live, on the Internet!


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Well that wraps up this issue of STASH Talk. I hope you found something of interest. Expect our next issue the week of September 15th. Until then...

Thanks for reading and Happy Quilting!


Julie Baird

Generations Quilt Patterns, Copyright 2010

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