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Where can I find freezer paper

by Janet
(Silver Creek , WA)

I am having trouble finding freezer paper anymore, where is everyone finding it? Could not find in Central TX, now in Washington State for the summer, have not looked here yet...


Here in northern Illinois, it is at the grocery stores, Walmart and Target both carry it, and surprisingly Walgreen's (a drug store chain) carries it, too.

Walmart has it online here with $0.97 shipping.

Amazon has a couple of options

Ordering something like freezer paper online kind of feels silly to me, BUT if you can't find it where you are and gas is SO expensive these days...even with the shipping costs it probably ends up costing you less.

I hope this helps in your search!


Julie Baird

Comments for Where can I find freezer paper

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by: Lorraine

I found freezer paper at Target just yesterday. I had looked in many stores but happened in there because only they sell the cereal my DH wants. Hoping to learn to appliqué soon.z

From the Editor: We're lucky here in Illinois because it seems to be pretty common in both the grocery stores and the Walmart/Target type stores.

Just don't buy it in a quilt store. You'll pay through the nose for it.

~ Julie

Freezer Paper
by: Marlyn

I ordered freezer paper, sized to fit in your printer. It comes in 8.5 X 11", 50 pages per package. It's heavier than the freezer paper you get at the grocery store. I find I need to press it to my ironing board before using it, to let some threads stick to it, or I can't peel it totally off my block. I usually can reuse each piece 6-7 times, before it looses it's shine. The package says to press fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper before sending it thru your printer, but I found I don't need to do that. I do print one paper at a time, though. You'll have to see what works best for you.

freezer paper
by: Janet

Thanks Carol, good to know that works.

Freezer Paper
by: Carol

I followed up and found out that "yes" there is freezer paper in Nova Scotia and it is not the same as "wax paper". However, I have not yet found this freezer paper. But I have finished my exercise with my laser printer and cotton fabric. I stated earlier that I let it sit over night and then washed it (cold water). I'm happy to say it all worked very well. So for labels. It is possible to glue cotton fabric to printer paper, run it through a laser printer. Let it sit overnight, wash it in a cold water wash and "presto" you have a label for your quilt.

From the Editor: Carol, thank you so much for taking your time to update us on your project. I appreciate this additional information!


freezer paper
by: Janet

Wax paper is not the same as freezer paper. Freezer paper is waxed on only one side, is white.
So glad to hear how you fixed the label problem. i use freezer paper for applique, also for quilting designs.

Freezer paper
by: janet

Wouldn't you know I found freezer paper--150 feet of it in a small grocery in Mossyrock, Washington. YEAH! won't run out in a long time!!!

From the Editor: Excellent! Now you can get back to your project! ~ Julie

Freezer Paper
by: Carol

I too could not find "freezer" paper and was told by some "older" friends that is what is called "wax paper". (Here in Nova Scotia, Canada). I purchased the wax paper.

I'm guessing you are using this to assist in making fabric labels.

I followed all the instructions and did not find the "wax Paper" held my fabric through the printing process. So I modified the whole exercise, took away the wax paper and just glued the fabric directly to the paper. Worked beautifully. The glue I used is "Elmer's Craft bond extra strength glue stick.

I used muslin fabric, a $60 US. laser jet printer, let the label sit over night. Then I washed it with my wash in a regular automatic washing machine. It did fade a little but did not bleed.

Now I'm trying it on proper cotton fabric to see if it fades less.

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