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Table of Contents for Beginning Machine Quilting 101

by Vanessa
(Austin, TX)

I'm currently reading your Beginning Machine Quilting 101 and the following topics don't have a working link!!

*Machine Quilting Supplies
*Preparing the Quilt Layers for Quilting
*Ditch Quilting



I've been busted!!!

Yes, you are correct those links are not live yet. All links on this website that are 'live' and go to another page are blue and underlines, turning purple after you've used the link.

The information is written, but I need to get quilts to that stage for photographs to illustrate all of the steps. That is the hold-up!

In the meantime, please reference this article, Machine Quilting a Beginner Quilting Project.

This article includes the following topics:
  • Gather Your Machine Quilting Supplies
  • Preparing the Batting and Backing
  • Layering and Basting the Quilt Sandwich
  • Sewing Machine Setup
  • Machine Quilting Techniques You'll Need

Then following in the 'Comments' section (because I had so much to add) is 'Ditch Quilting' and 'A Simple Primer on Free Motion Quilting'. You may also find value in Layering and Basting a Quilt.

These sections should get you on your way. But if they don't or you have other questions, please you the 'Machine Quilting Questions' forms on the site to submit your questions.

If something is 'messing up' while you are quilting, take a picture and add it to your question. Pictures can help immensely when determining what the problem is.

Again, as I have quilts at the proper stage of quilting, pictures will be added to illustrate the various techniques.

I hope this helps and beg your apology for any inconvenience it may have caused.


Julie Baird

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