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Singer 9960

by Carla Benson
(Boyceville, WI)

I was just getting back into sewing and I wanted to machine quilt. I bought a Singer 9960.

Big mistake.

Would take to long to type all that is not right about it. I thought Singers were good machines and I think back in the day they were but not true anymore.

My advice, stay away.

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Feb 13, 2021
Love my machine.
by: Anonymous

I have had my machine for a few months and love it. I have done some quilting on it without any problems. I have done some sewing without any problems.

My machine uses size 15 bobbins.

Dec 10, 2015

I bought this machine as a backup machine to use whenever my regular Singer went in for repairs. BIG mistake! I hate this machine.

Since it is in brand new condition as I cannot bring myself to use it, I hope I can trade it in on something that will work. It even uses non-standard 15J bobbins, and if you get those bobbins mixed up by accident with regular 15 bobbins, both your Singer machines go haywire and won't work correctly--or at all. I have looked and looked at both bobbins, the 15 and the 15J, and it is impossible for me to tell one from the other (I have 20/20 corrected vision).

Even though it got good reviews, it has turned out to be the biggest disappointment I have ever bought in the way of a sewing machine.

Buyer beware!!

Apr 22, 2013
Singer Machines
by: Carol - Midlothian, Va

Sadly, Singer isn't the same company.

My suggestion is to return the Singer and look at a Brother. There are other brands, but I switched from Singer to Brother after research and price comparisons. I also have 2 older Singers that are the metal parts models that still work beautifully and I'll never give them up (just take them in once a year for a checkup and cleaning and they are good to go!).

The new models are made of plastic parts, as are all the new models of many brands, but for whatever reason Singer is missing the mark.

Brother and Babylock are made by the same manufacturer, with Brother at a slightly lower price point, but the machines are exactly the same. Good luck and happy quilting!

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