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Quilt backing...another story of bleeding fabric

by Cathy
(Lakebay, WA, USA)

I had two large pieces of quilt backing, both white bases with cute prints of flowers. I also had one smaller piece of hot pink that needed to be washed.

It was late (1AM-ish) and I was in a hurry so I tossed them all in together.

It wasn't until I heard the agitator going that I thought of the pink bleeding. By then it was too late. I had turned the other two pieces a lovely shade of hot pink.

I finished the cycle, and then ran the two white pieces back through with a cup bleach.

They are still pink, but a much paler shade than when I first found them. They worked out OK for the backing, but it wasn't the crisp, clean look I was aiming for.

I knew better. I almost always wash the same color stuff together, and then use a vinegar rinse to help set the dyes on the reds/deep pinks and other deeply dyed colors as a precaution.

Just another reminder that sometimes a short cut isn't always the faster way!

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