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Preparing invisible machine applique templates


Hello, your invisible machine applique tutorial info was very helpful.

My question is in Lesson 1 it says to identify edges that won't be turned under, like the basket handle and mark them with an extra line. In the same lesson it says the ends of the handle templates will butt up against the top edge of the basket.

Later on in Lesson 3 it appears the basket handle is not butted to the top of the basket but glued down about 1/4 inch into the top of the basket. Which technique do you prefer? Thank you.


I'm glad you are enjoying the tutorial. And even more happy that since it left you with a question, that you've come here to get an answer! Good Job!

Now let's get to it!

Invisible machine applique template preparation
I believe this is the picture that is confusing you. Let me describe in more detail what is happening here.

You can see the Rinsaway templates for both the handle and the basket from this back view. The handle template just meets the top edge of the basket shape.

Ideally, there will be no overlap between the two Rinsaway templates so you don't build up any bulk.

Sometimes, however, because we are working with fabric that has give, there will be a slight overlap of templates as we build our appliques. What we want to avoid is building up multiple layers of the stabilizer underneath our work and that's why the templates are butted together.

The photo also shows that the seam allowance of the bottom edges of the basket handle shape, indeed, overlaps the basket shape. This ensures that no un-turned edges are exposed on the front of our applique.

A close-up of the basket handle shape (below) shows that the seam allowances on the two straight bottom edges of the handle are not turned. There is no need to turn these bottom seam allowances because they are covered by the basket shape, itself. The teeny zig-zag stitching used to applique the basket shape to the background fabric will cross and secure these seam allowances.

Invisible machine applique template preparation closeup

I think the confusion arises from the words 'template' and 'shape'. The template refers to the white Rinsaway, cut to the exact size with no seam allowances added. A shape is the prepared fabric and template after the two pieces have been glued together and necessary edges turned and glued.

I hope this has helped to erase any confusion about preparing invisible machine applique templates from Rinsaway stabilizer. If not, do let me know via the 'add your comment link below'.

Thank you.


Julie Baird

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