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Apr 17, 2010
Retayne and quilt program too.
by: Anonymous

Upon returning to New Pieces (a quilt store in Berkeley) they sold me a bottle of Retayne for dunking textiles "before" making the quilt. Even if washed this is a good thing to do.

New Pieces also asked me if i would like to be part of a program where they give you quilt pieces packages of cotton pre-cut fabric shapess. You then piece these together and return the top to them. They then turn the top into a quilt for very sick or dying children. So touching.

I notice that some pieces are already tiny quilted parts to go into the whole quilt top in my little packet, so it is creative before one begins, this lovely idea can bring someone sick so much comfort. New Pieces, Gilman Street, Berkeley CA for anyone interested in this noble cause.

Mar 06, 2010
Lolly pink/navy quilt is looking better-next...
by: Raine

Hmmm...the quilt is looking better after the dye magnet sheet. I will try just putting it in cold water again and gently rubbing the cream squares with one of the dye magent sheets Saturday. Things are looking up. I have found a good picture of it 29 years ago and will scan that tomorrow and show you, Raine

Mar 03, 2010
A new suggestion for pink bleeding into white
by: Raine

My daughter's baby quilt that has the bleeding problem is now once again in cold water for a few minutes with a "dye magnet" sheet which came at the suggestion of "Foxdreams" quilts of Berkeley CA. My trisomy 21 daughter, Freiny-etta, who is now 29, is gazing at it hopefully with me...keep your fingers and quilt needles crossed for me, Raine

Mar 03, 2010
I feel your pain!
by: Julie Baird, Editor

The quilt must have been fit for a princess! I feel your pain...


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