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Help with 'French Wire' for machine applique


I have been reading American quilt/applique books and there has been a brief mention of French Wire - to help when machine sewing curves on applique.

Does such a wonderful tool exist please?



Shirley, you stumped me!

The only thing remotely related to 'french wire' that I can think of is 'French-wired' ribbon.

These are ribbons that have a wire in the edge (or both edges) that help you to manipulate the ribbon more easily into flower shapes. The wire also helps to hold the shape after it's formed.

Faye Labanaris and several others have written books on creating these flowers and adding them to your quilts.

Readers, if you've heard of 'French wire' for applique shapes I would be grateful for your help! Please use the 'comments' link below to share your information and experience.

Thank you.

Shirley, I wish I could have been of more help to you.


Julie Baird

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French Wire
by: Jo Goranson

I have done embellishments for years and have never heard of French Wire. I am going to contact some of my suppliers and see if they know what it is. However, I wonder if what they are talking about is a French Curve ruler that is used by tailors and dressmakers when they need to make curved lines in their patterns. I also found a reference to a French Tack, which is a chain of thread that connects the hem of the lining to the garment hem.

I really don't think either of these is what the author is talking about so I have sent some e-mails to my suppliers to see if they know what it is. One thing you could do is e-mail the person who wrote the pattern and ask them what it is. I have done that and gotten very prompt answers from even nationally famous quilters.

I will follow up on this because you have made me curious too.

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