Elmer's Glue-All

by Jay Dimond

Can you use Elmer's Glue-All multi-purpose glue on fabric for applique?

From the Editor: Hi Jay.

I haven't used this glue myself, so I went to look it up on Amazon.com. This is the description provided there:

"XACTO/ELMERS-Glue All Multi-Purpose Glue. Bonds strong for all your needs. Bonds most porous materials such as paper and cloth and semi-porous materials such as wood and pottery.

Dries strong and clear.

Elmers Glue-All is adjustable before dry, is non-toxic, and cleans up easily with soap and water."

Based on that description, I personally would not use it to bond my machine or hand applique shapes to my background. It sounds like it is a very strong, permanent glue, meant for fixing things.

My preference is Elmer's Washable Glue Stick or Elmer's Washable School Glue. Both I've used extensively and can vouch they will wash out of your projects with water and a drop or two of soap.

I hope this helps.


Julie Baird

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Elmers glue-all
by: Jay

Thanks for replying. I live in the UK, so hoping I can track down the Elmer's glue stick.

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