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Appliqueing hexies

by Jan

Motif shapes

Motif shapes

Jan writes...

I need help.

I have about 2 two dozen Hexagon shaped motifs made into larger ones (eg Grandmother's Flower Garden). These are done by hand but I cannot tackle that anymore.

I am considering appliqueing them on a fabric by machine to make a quilt top.

Should I applique each set of motifs to a square and then sew the squares together to make the quilt top or sew them directly onto a sheet for the quilt top spacing them as if the space would be another motif??

Julie replies...

Hi Jan!

Appliqueing onto the individual squares would work mathematically because with 24, you've got enough for a layout of 4x6...any extras could go on the back.

However, after thinking about this, let me propose two closely related options.

First click here...

...I'm hoping you can see the picture. These hexagons are machine appliqued onto a larger piece of fabric along one side, and then Stephanie quilted the living daylights out of the rest of the open space. (If I'm remembering correctly the appliques are all to one side-if you have some extra individual hexies basted you might be able to use them to fill in around those outside edges...)

And as you can see there's a bit of space in between each.

This is a smashing quilt!

This next option is based on the idea in this free pattern from Robert Kaufman fabrics that I shared in a recent G+ post...

Here there are three bands of strips running from top to bottom. You could replace those bands with hexagons...if you have enough.

Again, the negative space will need to be quilted...

I hope these ideas help to inspire you!

Readers! What do you think? What would you suggest! Please share your ideas using the comments link below.



Julie Baird

Comments for Appliqueing hexies

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Thank you!!
by: Jan

The motifs down one side of the quilt is very novel and the rest of the quilting so beautifully done!!

Thank you so much for your research on my question.

Found more info...
by: Julie Baird, Editor

On that first option, Stephanie's got some more photos posted on her Savy Girl Design facebook's a picture of the full quilt...

Be sure to use the arrows so that you can page through to see it from the back.

~ Julie

PS. If you like her quilt, do leave a quick message on her page! Thanks! :D

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