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Fabric overlay for tying quilts

We see that there was a question about the Quilters Companion--a fabric overlay with holes in it to mark where to tie quilts. We are looking for the same product and wondering if anyone found this product.

Thanks for any help!


I have still not been able to locate this quilting notion! Nuts!

So I've been pondering a couple of alternatives. Let me know what you think.

The idea behind the notion...

This template makes marking the postion of the ties simple. Just mark through the holes. When have marked all of them in the template, reposition the template using a previous set of marks as registration guidelines.

So simple!

3 Easy Alternatives...

The purpose is to have uniform ties without dragging out all sorts of rulers, right?

So why not use a material that already is marked with a grid—then there's no measuring?

The three possibilities that come to mind are:

  • Gingham: The checkered 'pattern' is woven in the threads so the spacing is uniform. It's easy to cut the appropriate spaces with a scissor. Then just layer over your quilt sandwich and mark with chalk. Move as needed, using previous markings as registration marks.

    Store it folded away in a marked ziplock bag for the next time you need to mark your ties.

  • fabric overlay for tying quilts
  • Pellon Quilter's Grid: This is a fusible, non-woven, 45 inch wide material with a premarked 1" grid. Cut your placement spots with a scissor and use just like the gingham.

    I suggest marking it with "DO NOT IRON" to prevent an accident.

    Your local quilt store should probably have some on hand, this was a popular product for use with water color quilts from a few years back.

  • Pellon Tru-Grid: This is, in my mind, the best alternative, but may require a trip to a sewing store to find it.

    This is a 45 inch wide, non-fusible material used for duplicating or drafting patterns. With the grid already marked, you just need to just where you want the ties to appear.

    Because it's not a fusible like the Quilter's Grid, there's one less thing that can accidentally go wrong.

Unless you are able to locate a Quilters Companion, I believe any of these three suggestions are viable alternatives. They are all reusable, can be pinned in place to minimize shifting and they all eliminate the need for a lot of measuring.

Readers, if you have suggestions, please do add them using the 'comment' link just below.


Julie Baird

Comments for Fabric overlay for tying quilts

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by: Kim

I had a quilters companion and have misplaced it! I sure wish that I could find it! They were wonderful for marking quilts.

Fabric overlays for tying quilts
by: Anonymous

You can purchase fabric overlays for tying quilts from this company in Utah.

Cambridge Marking Systems Orem Utah
Quilter's Companion

Quilt overlay website
by: Janice

Here is the website for the company that makes the fabric overlays. I just ordered 5 more. Love em!

From the Editor: Excellent! Thanks for the URL, Janice. I made it clickable for everyone, too.


Julie Baird

found the tying tool"
by: Becky

I found a company who makes the overlay patterns~~

Cambridge Marking system
77 West 680 North
Orem Utah 84057


and found these patterns ..
I ordered two.. they have great customer service!!!

passing on the info~ to you <3

From the Editor: Great job, Becky! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!

~ Julie Baird

photos please
by: Cheryl

Could you post a picture of the Quilters Companions that you have?

Did anyone get ahold of this company?
by: Anonymous

I am looking for this quilting companion. A friend of mine happened to be in Utah many years ago and found these at a store and picked a couple up one that had 4" spacing and the other with 5" spacing. She couldn't remember the name of the company or product so I have been scowering the web to see if I can find this. Has anyone contacted this company and are these products still available?

Quilters Companion
by: Anonymous

This is very late but in case others look....The company that made these didn't make it and actually went out of business about 20 years ago. These were wonderful and I have several. The two gals who made them were in my neighborhood which is why I know what happened.

Quilter's Companion
by: Anonymous

My Quilter's Companion has the following address:

Little Women
P. O. Box 17093
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

I didn't find a phone number for this business but will be writing a letter to them. We want several patterns for our group of women who make quilts to donate to hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters.

Thanks for the suggestion of using Pellon with grids in case we don't find the Companions.

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